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Green Zone League Articles

PTI's 2016 Live Mock Draft RECAP
By Anthony Fernandez
Special to gzl-football.com

Yahoo! Sports Presents
Season 3 :: Episode 4 RECAP
PTI's 2016 Live Mock Draft RECAP

Thursday, December 26th, 2016
AF, Yahoo Sports!

To hear commentary on the picks, tune in to GZL PTI for live pick-by-pick analysis by the PTI Crew, Anthony Fernandez and James Paronne. Enjoy!

1.1 -- QB Jonathan Higgins, Ole Miss
1.2 -- CB Tyrone Booker, Penn State
1.3 -- OT Michael Millen, Toledo
1.4 -- WR C.J. Washington, Arkansas
1.5 -- DE/LB Amos Houston, Clemson
1.6 -- CB Pete Nickerson, Indiana
1.7 -- NT Ron Green, Ohio State
1.8 -- DT Angelo Miller, Auburn
1.9 -- DT Trevor Harper, Washington
1.10 -- WR Billy Crockett, Rutgers
1.11 -- LT Chuck Kaufman, California
1.12 -- WR Donald Lake, USC
1.13 -- OG Shannon Crockett, N.C. State
1.14 -- HB Riddick Owen, Ohio State
1.15 -- CB Blaine Hasty, Maryland
1.16 -- G/T Bryan Coles, Fresno State
1.17 -- WR Ronyell Conway, Penn State
1.18 -- OLB Oliver Nixon, Temple
1.19 -- HB Gerard Campbell, TCU
1.20 -- WR Mark Perez, Florida
1.21 -- OLB Jermaine Newsome, Troy State
1.22 -- OLB Jorge Mays, UCLA
1.23 -- S Jacquez Stokes, Florida
1.24 -- DE Clay Linton, Auburn
1.25 -- WR Jorge Lloyd, Southwestern
1.26 -- TE Cris Jones, Oregon
1.27 -- C Fernando Wilson, Northwestern
1.28 -- HB Vince Rogers, USC
1.29 -- G Kenny Wagner, Boise State
1.30 -- MLB Ed Holliday, Akron
1.31 -- OT A.C. Terrell, South Carolina
1.32 -- DE Vincent Hardy, Tennessee
2.1 -- OLB Larry Pittman, USC

AF and JP cover GZL for Yahoo! Sports.

The PTI Program has closed out its 3rd season. Tune in for more fun content Season 4 in 2014!!!
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Green Zone League Articles

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