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Green Zone League Articles

2016 GZL Draft News & Notes
By Keith Van Wagner
Special to gzl-football.com

I was just looking through the different draft picks of each team as I was trying to identify potential trade partners. In doing so, I noted a few trends and (semi) interesting facts that I thought I'd bore you guys with.

First, I was struck by the differences between the respective conferences in their total number of picks. There are a total of 224 picks, 112 per conference. However, the NFC has been accumulating them at a much higher rate than their AFC counterparts. Currently, the AFC has only 93 picks to the NFC's 131. That's 59% of the draft picks! One would expect it to be a little more even. It's hard to say what the long-term outcome might come from this -- will the AFC have an edge in the short-term with the NFC building for the future? Time will tell.

The first round is pretty evenly divided -- 15 picks for the AFC to 17 for the NFC. However, the AFC does hold six of the top seven picks in the draft.

A few odds & ends on draft picks:

-- Pure Bloods. Not a single team holds only its original draft picks. Everybody has been trading this off-season! Atlanta, Cleveland and Denver are the only teams that have only 1 pick from another team. Atlanta's non-Falcon pick is 7.31, so arguably they have the most 'pure' draft selections.

-- Building for the Future. Two teams, Indianapolis and Kansas City only have one pick in the entire draft. Indy has 4.25 and KC has 7.24. Think about that -- the Chiefs have one pick and it's in the 7th round!

-- South of the Border. The AFC South has the fewest picks of any division. The entire division has only 13 picks. Quite a contrast to the NFC North. Their midwest ethic comes through as they have the most picks of any division -- 37. Pretty impressive since the maximum possible is 40.

-- Plundering Picks. The Bucs have 10 picks this year -- and none of them are their own. Not surprising, but still fun. I think a couple other teams are without any of their original picks, but AF is the only one I saw who did so and has 10 picks.

-- Big Cats. The Panthers have one of the oddest drafts. They have 3 first rounders...and then nothing else until a pick in the 7th.

I'm sure there are tons of other facts and notes from the draft. Post anything you notice as well!
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Green Zone League Articles

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