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2016 GZL Draft Grades, 11-20
By Keith Van Wagner
Special to gzl-football.com

Here is Part II of my Draft Grades, looking picks 11 through 20. As the first third of the draft finishes up, we start to see selections that seem to come a little out of left field. Still, overall, some excellent evaluation of talent and some great bargains that have been had.

1.11 – OT Chuck Kaufman, 49ers. Several draft prognosticators had Kaufman going in the first round, including the PTI mock draft. Kaufman is definitely one of the better Tackles in this draft, but it’s generally a weak class for the lineman. Kaufman is a polished blocker (89 RBK) and should be ready to go from the start. However, this feels like a reach as Kaufman has merely average speed, agility and acceleration. On my board there may have been another OT or two rated higher. GRADE: B-

1.12 – WR Donald Lake, Rams. The Rams get an excellent rookie in Donald Lake and the rich get richer. QB Sam Bradford must be licking his lips at the addition of Lake, to go with veterans Donnie Avery and Stephen Hill. The top of the WR crop was quite crowded, so it’s in many ways a matter of preference. Lake’s biggest attribute is his size (6’4”) but has decent speed (92 SPD). The combination of these two will mean headaches for defensive backfields across the division. GRADE: A

1.13 – WR Billy Crockett, Bears. The run on the Receivers has begun and the Bears jump in and grab young speedster Billy Crockett. Some mocks had Crockett going in the Top 5, though this may have been optimistic. Still, it’s hard to argue with Crockett’s skill set. He’s got nice size (6’1”) and excellent speed (94 SPD). He really excels in terms of his agility and acceleration and has one of the best combinations of these attributes in the draft. GRADE: A-

1.14 – HB Vince Rogers, Titans. From the beginning it was clear that Campbell and Owen were the top two HBs in the draft, with the only question being which of the two were the better of the two. That decision came down to a matter of preference. There is little debate about the third best back in the draft. That honor goes to Rogers who should prove to be a tough runner for the Titans. It’ll be interesting to see how the Titans handle their running back situation with Matt Forte still on the roster, coming off of an excellent season. Rogers has good speed (92 SPD) and nice strength (73 STR) and excellent acceleration (95 ACC). GRADE: B+

1.15 – WR Mark Perez, Broncos. QB Howard Christensen must be thanking GM Wade Pearce after adding youngster Mark Perez to restock a bare cupboard. The Broncos will pair Perez with WR Gates to form one of the fastest duos in the league. Perez was the highest WR on my board, but just barely. It’s hard to find such size (6’2”) to go with such raw speed (96 SPD). Perez needs to work on his hands (71 CTH) but that will develop with time. Perez has a bright future in Denver. GRADE: A+

1.16 – FS Jacquez Stokes, Bucs. Leave it to AF to pull the trigger on FS Stokes, clearly one of the steals of the drafts. It was in the 16th spot overall last year that the Bucs snagged another FS in Kyle Nelson. Nelson had an amazing rookie campaign. It remains to be seen who will play where in the Tampa secondary, but it’s clear that Tampa probably has the best secondary in the league. Stokes is tall (6’3”) and has physical attributes that would make most corners jealous. In fact, if he played corner, he’d probably have been the first pick overall. He’s that good. GRADE: A+

1.17 – WR Rick Urban, Cowboys. The Cowboys moved up with the intention of grabbing one of the several WRs at the top of the draft. It’s hard to argue with the selection of Urban who has prototypical size (6’2, 213) and blazing speed (95 SPD). Urban also is one of the strongest WRs in the draft (72 STR) which should help in muscling the corners of the NFC East. Urban lacks elite agility (90 AGI) but brings a lot to the table and should pair nicely with Dez Bryant. GRADE: A-

1.18 – OLB Jorge Mays, Giants. A pick source of discussion before the draft was where OLB Jorge Mays would go. There was little agreement in the mock drafts published. Some had him going as early as 1.3, and some as late as 1.22. The truth was somewhere in between. The Giants get nice value with Mays here at 1.18. Mays has similar attributes as Amos Houston, but comes cheaply in the back half of the first round. Mayes has WR-like speed (87) and legit strength (75 STR). The only knock on Mays is his size (6’0”) but with his attributes he can afford to give an inch or two. GRADE: A

1.19 – DT Trevor Harper, Panthers. The Defensive Tackle class this year was deep and featured many solid players near the top. Some had Harper projected to go as a Top 10 pick. I like Harper and I think he’ll be a good pro, but I don’t love this pick. There were a couple of DTs I had ranked higher. Still it’s hard to argue with a Tackle who has 70 SPD and 91 STR. There’s no doubt he’ll be clogging running lanes and pestering QBs for years to come. GRADE: B+

1.20 – SS Kendall McFarland, Panthers. I didn’t have great need at the Safety position, so I did only some cursory scouting of these rookies. But truthfully McFarland wasn’t even on my radar, listed as the fourth best SS. So my initial thought was this was a terrible pick. However, as I look at McFarland’s attributes (94 SPD, 93 ACC, 75 CTH) he might be better suited as a FS. It’ll be interesting to see how McFarland will be utilized as his strength (60 STR) is low for a first round SS. GRADE: C
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Green Zone League Articles

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