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Best and Worst Picks of the Second and Third Rounds
By Keith Van Wagner
Special to gzl-football.com

Second Round

Best Picks

The second round is always a place to find some really good value pickups. There are tons of guys each year it seems who are projected to go in the first round who manage to slide into the second frame. This year wasn’t any different and many teams got some gems throughout the second round. It’s hard to identify just a couple of the better picks, but there are some that stand out. I like the pick by the 49ers at 2.21 of WR Ronyell Conway. Sure, there were a lot of good WRs out there, but Conway is 6’4” and has 91 SPD. I projected him to go late in the first. There were a couple of good Corners taken in the second as well. Dee Wagner, selected by the Packers at 2.4 was part of an amazing draft by Green Bay. Jeremy Briggs also was a nice pickup by the Rams. Both CBs are 6’1” and have 93+ speed. Cory Spielman isn’t as talented as Wagner and Briggs, but good value at 2.30. Another great value was DT Jon Cooper, picked by the Chargers. Cooper is one of the stronger Defensive Tackles in the draft, but also is pretty fast for a big guy.

Worst Picks

It’s hard to single out a couple picks here because most everyone did a great job of finding solid players who could start and make an impact right away. Washington picked up WR James Mayes near the top of the second. There’s no denying Mayes’ talent – he’s an amazing kick returner and very nifty. But he’s a little undersized and doesn’t have elite speed. He may have been a bit of a reach this early. A similar situation occurred with HB Chase Sullivan picked by the Jets at 2.19. Sullivan may be a good kick returner/scat back, but considering all of the Jets’ needs, he seemed like a curious pick. He’s tiny (5’7”, 197), and can’t break tackles and likely would have been on the board later in the draft. Another potential miss was TE Rock Muhammad, taken by the Eagles at 2.23. Muhammad is a good blocking Tight End, but he’s slow and not very strong.

Third Round

Best Pick

By the third round, things are getting thinner in terms of talent. However, most everyone made most of their opportunities. Very few picks appeared to be squandered. There were a couple of Offensive Tackles taken in the third that were great values. Da’Rel Brandt, taken at 3.18 by the Dolphins and Ty Blackmon of the Rams were nice pickups. Blackmon lacks strength and agility and may make a better Guard, but has excellent attributes otherwise. Brandt is similar in that he may be better suited as an interior lineman, but he still has the skills to start. The Chargers got a gamer in DE Jon Mack at 3.24. Like all third rounders, he has his faults. However, he has good physical attributes and with a good skew could be an average starter. For the record, I loved my own pick of WR Jerome Grandmont until the dreaded skew reduced his speed to marginal. OLB Otis Baker, taken by Tampa Bay at 3.8 has a bright future. He’s undersized, but with a few pounds he’s not that different than some of the OLBs taken much earlier.

Worst Pick

I hate to even pick out a worst pick in this round because the talent is so thin and everyone had such solid selections. I didn’t love OC Trey Owen by the Titans at 3.28 as he lacks many noteworthy attributes. Then again, how many decent Centers can one expect to find at the end of the third round. If I had to pick a ‘worst’ player selected, I think I’d go with Kiante Green of the Eagles at 3.5. It was a very weak QB class but Kiante Green was nowhere close to the second best QB on the board.
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Green Zone League Articles

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