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Week 1's Best & Worst
By Kurt Ison
Special to gzl-football.com

S2016I01:: The GreenZone Report
Sunday, January 16th, 2013
Kurt Ison, GreenZone Media Committee

In this article we will select six players from the week, three of the best and three of the best. We will work towards the Worst and the Best of that week. Share your thoughts!

3rd Worst

WR David Gettis
12 REC, 145 YDS, 0 TD, 4 Drops.
This is a hard knock on a guy who caught twelve passes and close to one hundred and fifty yards. But he dropped four passes and now he is tied second for the most drops in a game. The Lions and Matthew Stafford need as much help as they can get and dropped passes are a killer. No surprise the Lions lost this week.

3rd Best

K Triton Janikowski
5 FGM, 5 FGA, 6 KO, 1 TB
Janikowski leads the kickers after week one with a five field goal effort against the Panthers on the weekend. He may just be the 49ers biggest weapon as he scored the all the points for San Francisco to give them the win over Carolina.

2nd Worst

QB Jimmy Clausen
14/34, 41.18%, 136 YDS, 1 TD, 4 INT, 5 SCKD, 23.3 QB RAT
Clausen has been waiting for a few years to get another chance to be the main man in Green Bay and he finally got his chance this year. But he has left a very sour taste in the coaches mouths after a awful week one display. Struggling to complete passes and when he did it was often to the defence, he also found himself on the ground often. He needs to bounce back quickly or he may never get this opportunity again.

2nd Best

LE Vincent Hardy
6 TAK, 1 TFL, 2 SCK
The rookie first round pick had a big debut for his Packers in a valiant display in a losing effort. Hardy got the best of some veterans as he got around the Ravens Michael Oher and took down quarterback Joe Flacco not once but twice. A big debut which could be the start of a big career.


QB Andrew Luck
15/32, 46.88%, 151 YDS, 0 TD, 2 INT, 2 SCKD, 34.8 QB RAT
Although he wasn't the statistically worst quarterback this weekend he was the most disappointing. Coming over from Kansas City on a huge trade and poised to be the saviour of the Buffalo Bills and he had the perfect chance for his first start to defeat the rival Patriots. Instead he was lacklustre, overwhelmed and left the game injured.


HB Montee Ball
17 CAR, 210 YDS, 12.35 AVG, 3 TD
Entering his third season and after being drafted at the end of the first round Ball has been quiet in his first two seasons. Gaining under 4yds/per carry in his career, Ball came out in week one and absolutely torched the St. Louis defence and single handily winning the game for Indianapolis.
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