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NFC West 2016 draft analysis: Round 5
By Nic St. Marie
Special to gzl-football.com

We have arroved now at the 5th round, or as some might call it the Kevin Mullendore round. This is usually the last round where true starters are discovered, and at the very least you have some premium backups that could have gone in the 3rd or 4th but that are making 5th round money. Some of those gems are skew-aided and some because they fit some schemes and not others. But some very nice but overlooked talents are usually left to this point of the draft and last season the NFC West did well here. How did it go here in 2016?

5.6 -
RE Tyrone Glover 6'4" 282 lbs, 66 SPD, 84 STR, 66 AWR, 68 AGI, 75 ACC, 79 TAK, 91 INJ

Glover is a big 3-4 type DE that may do well as a spot 3-tech on a 4-3 defense. As it turned out, he's faster and weaker than previously scouted and more likely to be a spot player than a starter someday. That said, Glover comes out with above-average awareness and tackling ability, and as a big end will likely be able to stick around past his first contract.

I don't see any comparative players starting in the league, but several are still on rosters in this league.

Grade: B
Roster Prognosis: 3 years as a Ram, 5 years in the league.

5.7 -
MLB Charles Agnew 6'1" 238 lbs, 79 SPD, 68 STR, 65 AWR, 78 AGI, 81 ACC, 54 CTH, 72 JMP, 82 TAK, 96 INJ

Agnew is good enough to start at MLB if a team needed him to, although he isn't tall, is weak for a MLB, and lacks elite athleticism. With -2 SPD, -1 STR, -3 AGI, -2 ACC he's barely hanging onto a roster spot the way he is. That said, his -2 AWR, -4 CTH, and +2 TAK still weren't enough to keep him from being a decent MLB for a rookie and he might get to play if injuries put him on the field.

Grade: B-
Roster Prognosis: 3 years as a Seahawk, FA after that.

5.10 -
SS Markus Patton 6'2" 217 lbs, 83 SPD, 74 STR, 71 AWR, 84 AGI, 90 ACC, 56 CTH, 81 JMP, 71 TAK, 88 INJ

The Rams are good to very good drafters, but in this case they are going the Cardinals route and filling the back end of the roster. Patton, who was even slower and stronger according to the Rams scouts just isn't a good enough athlete to do anything buy play in a 46 defense for the Rams. He does have very good awareness, so his special teams hits might become the stuff of legends. But the Rams added a liability as the immediate backup to Patrick Chung. TE's in this league are going to outrun him, and slot WRs are going to drool during those times they are matched up against him.

Grade: D+
Roster Prognosis: 2 years as a Ram, FA after that.

5.26 -
CB Tommy Bush 5'11" 196 lbs, 90 SPD, 55 STR, 60 AWR, 95 AGI, 90 ACC, 69 CTH, 82 JMP, 57 TAK, 85 INJ

Bush is very similar to a 6'0" CB the Cardinals took in the 6th round. But he has more awareness, and a lot more agility, along with having well above-average hands. Bush is likely to be a long-time backup, as he has the potential to be a very good nickle-back and occasional starter. Give him a couple speed and he turns into a starter that gets picks.

Grade: B+
Roster Prognosis: 4 years as a Cardinal, 6 years in the league.
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Green Zone League Articles

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