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Sloat's Mock Draft (Top 10)
By Adam Sloat
Special to gzl-football.com

1.1 New England Patriots
DE Jadeveon Clowney {South Carolina} - Possibly the best DE in the league from the day he steps on the field; the rest of the AFC East will be scrambling for converted OL to play TE vs him.
Other Needs: RB OT OLB

1.2 San Francisco 49ers
CB Richard Sherman {Stanford} - While grabbing a need player here like Khalil Mack makes the most sense, San Fran will not be able to pass on the incredible skill set Sherman brings at 6'3".

1.3 New Jersey Jets
WR Josh Gordon {Baylor} - Yet another team who will like to consider Mack at OLB, but in the end they need a solid weapon at WR and Gordon brings that in spades.
Other Needs: OG OLB ILB FS

1.4 Chicago Bears (From JAC)
WR Sammy Watkins {Clemson} - Just as likely to go the BPA route here, Bryan will take Sammy here to fill a need and bring an electrifying play maker at the same time.
Other Needs: DE P K

1.5 New Orleans Saints
OLB Khalil Mack {Buffalo} - Fullfilling a need and grabbing a really good LB here, the Saints finally get a key stone to start building their new look defense.
Other Needs: QB WR FB TE DE

1.6 Dallas Cowboys
CB Justin Gilbert {Oklahoma State} - It will be tempting to go with a certain taller prospect here, but Gilbert's clear advantage in athleticism makes him the next Cowboy.
Other Needs: OG OLB P

1.7 New Orleans Saints (from BUF)
RB Carlos Hyde {Ohio State} - With the regression of RunDMC this becomes an area of concern for a team not yet ready to grab a top tier QB. Hyde lacks that top end speed, but runs through brick walls without any flinching.

1.8 San Diego Chargers (from CLE)
OT Token Price {Colorado} - Though this giant isn't the strongest bull on the Ranch, he brings everything else and then some. Not a glamorous pick, but fills a need that will be difficult later in a thin OL class.
Other Needs: OG OLB FS

1.9 Pittsburgh Steelers
CB Demarius Stonewall {Nebraska} - Somewhat of a project and missing a little bit in the 40, Stonewall is tall and abnormally athletic for his size. Some might call this a reach, but sometimes you need to reach to get the good stuff of the top shelf.
Other Needs: QB WR DT SS

1.10 Minnesota Vikings
WR Aaron Drogan {Clemson} - We are not sure if a guy can be this tall and legally play WR, but the Vikings don't care. He could use some more athleticism, but does it matter when he can stand still and catch the ball above everyone else's heads?
Other Needs: OG CB SS
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Green Zone League Articles

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