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Best Cornerbacks In the League -- On Paper
By Keith Van Wagner
Special to gzl-football.com

As you know, I periodically put together a list of the most productive CBs in the league, based on their deflections, interceptions and catches allowed. The list is more egalitarian in that you get on it based on your merits, not how good you look in your underwear.

Over the years I have developed a different metric for CBs, one that lets me rank them leading up to the draft. Though this metric is proprietary, it's a weighted measure based on a player's speed, awareness, agility, acceleration, catch, tackling and height. No, I don't measure STR, or JMP, which I know some might factor in. To give a sense of the scoring, this year's prospect Richard Sherman tops the list with a raw score of 944.8.

Up until now I have only used it to evaluate emerging talent. On a lark, I applied the same metric to current CBs to determine which are the best in the league as of right now -- on paper. This measure doesn't care about which player is set to regress, or which player will be absolutely dominant once their awareness increases. It's just focused on today. And of course as we have seen time and time again, looking good in your underwear doesn't always lead to production (at least in football terms).

Anyway, here are the Top 20 Corners -- on paper:

1. Patrick Peterson, SEA (Raw score: 1041.5)
2. Dominique Cromartie, SD (1034.8)
3. Morris Claiborne, TB (1029.8)
4. DeMarcus Milliner, BAL (1024.0)
5. Camden Pietarila, OAK (1017.3)
6. Joe Haden, CLE (1015.0)
7. Jimmy Smith, DET (1006.3)
8. Bruce Johnson, NYG (1005.0)
9. Vontae Davis, PHI (1000.5)
10. Devin McCourty, DEN (996.3)
11. Marquis Robinson, KC (991.5)
12. Lardarius Webb, TEN (989.3)
13T. Gunner Recall, DAL (989.0)
13T. Prince Amukamara, NYJ (989.0)
15. Greg Toler, ARI (988.8)
16. Xavier Rhodes, STL (987.3)
17. DeAngelo Smith, HOU (982.8)
18. Chimdi Chekwa, CAR (980.5)
19. Dre Kirkpatrick, ATL (979.0)
20. Tyrone Booker, MIA (974.5)
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Green Zone League Articles

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