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Tommy the Swami's top 5 Offence players coming to GZL
By Tom Riddell
Special to gzl-football.com

 photo dfa840dd-6097-4fcc-8c43-4052a8bfb7e1_zps8b2cfc9c.jpg

(5) WR Sammy Watkins 6 Foot 211

Watkins has all Skills do Domaine
He also one of the best receiver prospect
to enter the GZL since A.J. Green and Calvin Johnson
Why do have Ranked a 5 He's only 6FT Tall
If he was 6'2 or better He be #1

(4) QB Bo Callahan 6 '4 226

Bo Knows how to be a QB at Wisconsin
But dose he in the Pros
He broke many Records in the NCAA.
Bo has AWR and Accuracy to start day 1
why is he #4 on my list
Former Browns GM son Weaver, Jr.
Feel that kid is not a leader and is the next Ryan Leaf
during Collage games He over throw WR
with rush in his face
Team Mates did not Get along with him at Wisconsin

(3) HB Dri Archer 5 '7 173

Dri has amazing Speed can turn on a Dime
He a a Pure athlete
Get the ball in his hands and watch him go
There not player alive who catch him open field.
He'll be a starting KR Day 1 in the GZL
But is he a starting HB Not right now
Why only #3 Lack of Size Receiving Skills are not good
He needs to work on his Catching and bulk up
without losing speed.

(2) WR Josh Gordon 6'3 Foot 226

Gordon has Megatron like skills and Size
legitimate breakaway speed at 6'3", 225 pounds
fluid athlete for a large wide receiver
Love this kid Better then Watkin who Ranked #5
He everything I look for in WR except 1 thing Heart .
He could be a Record Breaker.
Why not #1 Attitude and his Problem with Drugs.
Itís Gordonís off-field problems,
more so than his on-field lack of polish,
that worries teams.
He told GZL officials He Failed 3 Collage Drug Test

(1) TE Eric Ebron 6'4 Foot 250

Eric Ebron is my top Player this year
Speed Size at TE Spot is always a Mismatch
Ebron is athlead and a hard worker
Releases cleanly and accelerates into patterns.
Outstanding athletic ability and receiving skills.
Threatens every level. Advanced route runner.

Weakness He's not a blocker at next Level
But that can be fixed with coaching
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Green Zone League Articles

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