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Tommy the Swami's top 5 defensive Players coming to GZL
By Tom Riddell
Special to gzl-football.com

 photo dfa840dd-6097-4fcc-8c43-4052a8bfb7e1_zps8b2cfc9c.jpg

(5) CB Justin Gilbert 6'0 202

Justin Gilbert was a good CB at Oklahoma State
Gilbert is a long strider but possesses elite speed over long
Excelled in man coverage despite rarely having a deep safety to help.
He's also a Top Return Man with a 94 Rating
Should Be #2 CB From Day 1 for a year or two .

Why He's Ranked at 5?
Not good vs The Run
Not a Good Tackler
Can be Beat Deep with a move
Draft Class on Defence is very deep.

(4) DT Aaron Donald 6'1 285

Aaron Donald is Quick for DT
Where think DT you don't think Explosion
This kid you do
Made more than 100 plays behind the line of scrimmage in Collage
He could get 4 to 6 Sacks his 1st year

Why He's #4?
Lack of Size
He'll lose height and Weight to Guards and Centers in GZL
If going kept at DT he must add Weight
I would move him to DE where could Excel as DE .
I'd Drop 10 pounds from him and Play him at DE.

(3) LB Khalil Mack 6'3 251

Mack was big fish in small pound in Buffalo
Plays fast in pursuit with very good closing burst.
Smooth is what I call him
Versatile skill-set and has experience lining up all over the front seven.
He top OLB in this draft without a doubt

Why he only #3
He did not play many big School in the Mac
so that hurts him
If His Team add Weight to him he could played at DE in 4-3
I see him more as 3-4 Linebacker and pass rusher.

[img](2) DE Jadeveon Clowney 6'5 266

Clowney is a Exceedingly rare combination of size,
explosiveness, strength, speed and technique
He'll be so quick off line
offensive tackles are going to be quicker then they are now.
To me he's a game changer in GZL and those are rare.
The Team that get him will change the game.

why is he #2
Well he really 1A
I just like next guy at touch better

[img](1) CB Richard Sherman 6'3 195

This kid is a beast
He match up with Every Tall WR Well at 6'3
No else is like him in GZL
It rare to have one game changer in GZL Draft on the Defnce
but have two in one draft is unreal

awareness off the charts for rookie
Great Speed and hands and jump
this is the real deal and nightmare for offence minded guys

I've coach offence Since I was 20 years old
This kind of kid would give me nightmares
to game plan against

He could Bulk up a bit to add Weight get him up to 205.
10 pounds would make a world of Difference
But his skill alone make up worth a top 3 pick
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Green Zone League Articles

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