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Tommy the Swami Mock top 10 Draft
By Tom Riddell
Special to gzl-football.com

 photo dfa840dd-6097-4fcc-8c43-4052a8bfb7e1_zps8b2cfc9c.jpg

1.1 New England QB Bo Callahan 6 '4 226

Even if I am not fan of this kid
I think cocky and arrogant
He is the Best QB in the Draft
NE Needs a Leader but will they follow Callahan.
They Has Ryan Mallet but Mallet is B player at best .

1.2 49ers LB Khalil Mack 6'3 251

the 49er Finally found a Offence last year
But there a laughing stock on Defence
Mack will fix that He very good vs Run and Pass
Plus he good tackler

[img]1.3 New york Jets CB Richard Sherman 6'3 195

Well not huge need they can't pass this Tallent
Javier Arenas is 30 year old and Getting Sherman
would allow them to move D.J. Hayden to Nickle.
This one scariest secondary in the league

1.4 Chicago Bears CB Justin Gilbert 6'0 202

When you must to play League # 1 Passing offence 2 times a year
you need good CB Just missing out on sherman they bears
will take 2nd Best CB in Draft Knowing Megatrons Spark is growing dim

This a solid move for The bears
I don't forward to playing Gilbert without clavin

1.5 New Orleans Saints QB Johnny Manziel 6'0 207

Johny Football in the New Orleans
They need QB and we keep here they don't want Bo
A Ranking: 23rd in Total offence
Manziel is next best QB even tho I am fan of him personally

[img]1.6 Dallas Cowboys DE Jadeveon Clowney 6'5 266

The top Two CB are Gone when Dallas get to pick
But top Pass Rusher is there
I can see jerry Jones breaking the 40 time to Announce the pick
It not Major need but He's once in lifetime Tallent

1.7 New Orleans Saints DT Aaron Donald 6'1 285

I could see the saints using Donald as DE
He's quick and Smart and they had problems Stopping the pass.

1.8 San Diego Chargers WR Josh Gordon 6'3 Foot 226

With some best Players on Defence gone
The Charge are Thrilled to see Gordon Drop into there laps
again not huge need but a Player is always welcome

1.9 Chicago Bears SS Haha clinton-dix 6'1 208

Again the bears go Defence to try Stop the Lions

1.10 Minnesota Vikings WR Sammy Watkins 6 Foot 211

The Vikings have player make fall into laps at 10
Sammy will give them a true threat as 2 WR
Teaming up with blackmon

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