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Arnold's Mock Draft[Top 10]
By Jason Arnold
Special to gzl-football.com

1.1 New England Patriots -- Richard Sherman, CB, Stanford

Why? He's the best CB prospect, ever. He can do for New England what DRC did for the Bucs in the RZL.

1.2 San Francisco 49ers -- Josh Gordon, WR, Baylor

Why? The 49ers do not have a lot at WR. They have some interesting 6'4 WRs with average speed, but Gordon is a game-changer. Clowney's intriguing, but Mercilus is succeeding well and unless there's a trade there, I can't see them wasting one of their talents at WR.

1.3 New York Jets -- Jadeveon Clowney, DE, South Carolina

Why? They don't have a lot at DE in terms of youth, moving forward. Clowney's too good to pass on.

1.4 Chicago Bears -- Justin Gilbert, CB, Oklahoma State

Why? Have you seen their CB depth chart? Lol. Absolutely need some young talent there.

1.5 New Orleans Saints -- Sammy Watkins, WR, Clemson

Why? The Saints don't have a lot of top notch, young talent at WR. I actually think Watkins is side to side with Josh Gordon.

1.6 Oakland Raiders -- Mike Evans, WR, Texas A&M

Why? They have 3 talented wide outs. However, none of them offer anything in terms of youth and the Raiders would be better served to move one or even two and get Evans immediate PT. He's too good to pass on.

1.7 New Orleans Saints -- Khalil Mack, OLB, Buffalo

Why? Despite having some solid LBs on the roster, Mack is too good to pass on. He's a BPA pick. While Levy still has some years left, you'd be hard pressed to opt for Levy over a young stud like Mack. This will test the theory of drafting for need or BPA.

1.8 San Diego Chargers -- Aaron Drogan, WR, Clemson

Why? I have no fucking clue what the Chargers will do. What I do know is that this cat is 6'7 and possesses good enough speed(will top at 94 speed). His hands are a bit suspect, but they will progress over time and at the end of the day, a 6'7 WR with 94 speed and average hands is workable.

1.9 Chicago Bears -- Demarius Stonewall, CB, Nebraska

Why? He'll end up being a 6'4 CB with 93 speed. What else needs to be said? For all the things Van Dyke does well, he hasn't produced at an elite level, still lacks AWR to be a top tier CB, and Stonewall is just a freakishly unique talent.

1.10 Minnesota Vikings -- Bo Callahan, QB, Wisconsin

Why? Colt McCoy is mediocrity at it's finest, or worst, whichever. The Vikings need to start trying to get over the hump and the best way to do that is to get a QB whom will go better then 50/50 INTs/TDs. It won't happen over night, but you don't need it to, either.
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