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Goodman's 1-10 Mock Draft
By Michael Goodman
Special to gzl-football.com

1. Patriots- CB Richard Sherman- What can be said about this guy. Will be elite with very rare height and the speed to go with it. Best CB prospect in this draft. While others tend to like DE Clowney here, I think they take more of a impact player and select Sherman.

2. 49ers- WR Josh Gordon- I believe they pass on Clowney as well and pickup the much needed WR Gordon and he adds immediate offense for the 49ers passing game. He has the size and he can jump. Creates mismatches and nightmares for other teams in the NFC West.

3. Jets- WR Sammy Watkins- They need youth in the WR department and I think getting a WR is more important than selecting Clowney. The youngest receiver on this team is 28 while the other 2 are 30,31 years of age. No doubt they need Watkins to come in and pair up with AJ Green.

4. Bears- DE Jadeveon Clowney-Sound crazy??? Well while the Bears have depth I don't think they will pass to pick up Clowney. The starters on this team are 31 and 36 years of age. I expect them to grab Clowney because the depth isn't great quality.

5. Saints-OLB Khalil Mack- No brainer as the current group of OLB's in Norlan's are 30+ years of age. Immediate need and I look for Mack to be a fit here in Norlan's.

6. Raiders- WR Aaron Drogan- Top 3 receivers on this Raiders squad are 31 years old. They get younger and select WR Drogan brings incredible athletic ability. Will only get better and in a few years look out for this guy

7. Saints WR Mike Evans- This 6'5" WR brings youth to a very aging WR core. Three of the teams 5 Wr's are 30 years old or older. Combined with his talent and size I think Saints snag a very good WR

8. Chargers- OT Token Price- The starters on the OT line are 33 and 29 years old. Takes the best OT while they can and fits right in at San Diego.

9. Bears- CB Justin Gilbert- Needs a CB and what a gift at 1.9. No dount Bears up to this point have had a great draft with grabbing Clowney then now get a much needed CB. Makes taking Clowney at 1.4 like a brilliant move

10. Vikings- HB Carlos Hyde- Need a bowling ball to get you those extra couple yards??? This is your guy. Lacks elite speed but can be upgraded to fairly good I think. Look for this guy to pound and run guys over. Wouldn't even surprise me to see this guy creating injuries.

These are all done out of fun and and I hope everyone enjoys.
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Green Zone League Articles

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