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Sloat's Mock top 10 v2
By Adam Sloat
Special to gzl-football.com

1.1 New England Patriots
DE Jadeveon Clowney {South Carolina} - We almost changed this to Sherman, but the Patriots simply don't need a CB at this spot witht heir two young guys holding down CB1 and CB2. It is tempting to give them Bo here, but with the trade for Henne, it would be insanity to move a future 1st and then draft a QB as well. While it may not be sexy to draft a DE, this DE is pretty special.
Other Needs: RB OT OLB

1.2 San Francisco 49ers
CB Richard Sherman {Stanford} - While grabbing a need player here like Khalil Mack makes the most sense, San Fran will not be able to pass on the incredible skill set Sherman brings at 6'3".

1.3 New Jersey Jets
OLB Khalil Mack {Buffalo} - As much as we think they'd like to add another weapon for their young QB, they will upgrade their team more with an elite pass rusher. Add that to the fact that this draft is pretty deep at WR and shallower than a pool of water in the Sahara, and this makes sense.
Previous Pick here WR Josh Gordon
Other Needs: OG ILB FS

1.4 Chicago Bears (From JAC)
CB Demarius Stonewall {Nebraska} - Some drafts have the Bears skipping CB here despite their big need for one. I can see some logic in this idea, but can't buy it. For the bears they'd maybe go with a DE or a WR instead, but Bryan is pretty smart. I say he thinks the odds are a good WR/DE will still be available at 1.9 more so than a good CB. At first I think Gilbert, but drafting a 6'4" CB who needs a year or two to fully mature into what could be one of the best int he league is to much of a temptation and he pulls the trigger on the rough stone wall. Plus Bryan is a sucker for names that fit well into articles.
Previous Pick here WR Sammy Watkins
Other Needs: DE P K

1.5 New Orleans Saints
WR josh Gordon {Baylor} - With no 1.5 worthy DE or OLB left the Saints are now thinking WR and CB here. Though a nice new CB would be nice, they have 1 really good one and 2 that they are already developing. Based on that they go WR as they can take a pretty special one in Gordon. Good height, good speed, well rounded. The cherry on the cake is he is a real player so it feeds Sloat's happiness for article graphics.
Previous Pick here OLB Khalil Mack
Other Needs: QB FB DE OLB

1.6 Oakland Raiders (from DAL)
WR Sammy Watkins {Clemson} - The Raiders are a well equipped team without much need. They are getting long in the tooth at WR and we see Sammy helping them out there as well as being a general upgrade despite the age issues.
Previous Pick here CB Justin Gilbert (by DAL)

1.7 New Orleans Saints (from BUF)
DT Aaron Donald {Pittsburgh} - Aaron is a pretty special player who will may be be the next Warren Sapp. His rare combination of quickness and strength make him a tempting pick for the Saints to make him their key stone on the front 4. Though he may stay at DT, we think he may see time at DE here.
Previous Pick here RB Carlos Hyde

1.8 San Diego Chargers (from CLE)
OT Token Price {Colorado} - We still like Price here for the Chargers. They are getting old in the OT department and Price would help there. More so however, their OG situation is poor and moving the athletic Price inside is an even better idea for them.
Other Needs: OG OLB FS

1.9 Chicago Bears (From PIT)
CB Justin Gilbert {Oklahoma State} - The Bears needed CB help bad and got a good one back at 1.4; not even Bryan expected this to happen, but being able to grab the 2nd and 3rd best CB works out so well that he won't change his new lucky socks for a year.
Previous Pick here CB Demarius Stonewall (by Pitt)
Other Needs: DE P K

1.10 Minnesota Vikings
QB Bo Callahan {Wisconsin} - Though a nice WR here might work well, the Vikings can't pass on upgrading their noodle armed QB position with a fresh new kid, Bo hugs his mom and surprisingly hot sister as he takes the stage....
Previous Pick here WR Aaron Drogan
Other Needs: WR OG CB SS
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Green Zone League Articles

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