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Aggregate Mock Draft Top 10
By Keith Van Wagner
Special to gzl-football.com

There have now been 5 Mock Drafts published. Some were only for the Top 10 of the draft, some went deep into the first round. Despite these differences, there have begun to emerge some patterns. While we all know CB Richard Harris is among the best prospects in the draft, if not the best, who will be the first WR off the board? When will QB Bo Callahan hear his name called? Is Token Price or Greg Robinson the first lineman taken? There are many questions to be answered that won't get resolved until Draft Day unfolds.

However, we can take some good estimations of how things will go, based on where players are going in the Mock Drafts.

So here is an aggregate mock draft of the first 10 picks. A full 6 players were listed for each mock draft (Sherman, Clowney, Gilbert, Gordon, Watkins, and Mack). A quick note on my methodology. As three of the mocks did only the Top 10, obviously not all of the mocks line-up in terms of avg draft position. So for any player who was selected in all 3 mocks that predicted the entire first round yet did not appear in the two Top 10 drafts, I simply assumed those players to go just outside of the top 10 and artificially slotted them at the 1.11 position. There are pluses and minuses to doing it this way, I felt this worked best.

Here is the Aggregate Top 10 (and their avg draft position):

1. CB Richard Sherman (1.4)
2. DE Jadaveon Clowney (2.8)
3. WR Josh Gordon (3.8)
4. WR Sammy Watkins (4.4)
5. CB Justin Gilbert (5.4)
6. LB Khalil Mack (5.6)
7T. WR Aaron Drogan (8.8)
7T. OL Token Price (8.8)
9. WR Mike Evans (9.0)
10T. QB Bo Callahan (10.4)
10T. OL Greg Robinson (10.4)
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Green Zone League Articles

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