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Sloat's Mock 11-20 v2
By Adam Sloat
Special to gzl-football.com

1.11 Washington Redskins (From IND)
OT Greg Robinson {Auburn} - Washington needs help on their line sooner than later and given the classes somewhat shallow depth at all OL positions, they grab one of the better ones before there are non-left. Greg has a solid physical skill set with a respectable starting point for his blocking ability.
Previous Pick QB Bo Callahan

1.12 Washington Redskins
RB Tre Mason {Auburn} - While the Skins may want to go with a power back here, they do have one they traded for in Jawan Jamison. Instead it feels better for them to go with a speed back here to replace their aging slowed down backfield.
Other Needs: DE OLB MLB CB OG

1.13 Miami Dolphins (From NYG)
DE Canton Larsson {California} - Larsson is a great fit for the fish's system and fills a need for youth at this position.
Other Needs: WR OT OG

1.14 San Diego Chargers
OLB Ryan Shazier {Ohio State} - Ryan is a little bit of a reach here with his height and strength deficiencies, but his athleticism is top 10 grade. His presence gives them a solid pass rusher and helps shore up their OLB depth well.
Previous Pick FS Ha Ha Clinton Dix
Other Needs: OG FS

1.15 New Orleans Saints (from GBP)
RB Carlos Hyde {Ohio State} - Having traded a late 1st to get their new TE from the Bengals, the team no longer will look at TE in the 1st here. Of course the chargers took an ideal prospect at a need spot just before here, so the team goes with a different need. Hyde is the Yin the their other starters yang and brings every down back brute force to balance their speed option. Two buckeyes in a row!
Previous Pick TE Mickey Wilson
Other Needs: QB FB OLB

1.16 Cincinatti Bengals
WR Aaron Drogan {Clemson} - While the Bengals have a decent setup at WR already, they lack a high speed tall man, Drogan is all that and a bit more. The situation works well here as the team can develop him without him needing to be productive right away.
Previous Pick CB Vontae Riggins
Other Needs: C OG

1.17 Miami Dolphins (from CAR)
WR Mike Evans {Texas A&M} - With the top 2 OL gone and not much top 20 worthy talent left there, the Dolphins look to strengthen their receiving corps with Evans. A nice combination of size and speed, Evans can be Miami's Huckleberry.
Previous Pick OT Greg Robinson
Other Needs: OT OG

1.18 Atlanta Falcons
WR Bradd Reid {South Florida} - It will be tempting to go with Jordan Matthews here, but we see the Falcons accepting the slight height difference in exchange for a marked physical skill set improvement.
Previous Pick DT Aaron Donald
Other Needs: QB OT C OLB MLB

1.19 Miami Dolphins (from ARI)
FS Ha Ha Clinton-Dix {Alabama} - The Dolphins will grab Ha Ha here to help their secondary. Not needign a FS they will convert him to SS and give themselves a nasty deep ball duo.
Other Needs: OG OT

1.20 Tampa Bay Buccaneers (from HOU)
TE Eric Ebron {North Carolina} - A pass catching TE lacking the skills to be a good blocker, Ebron is still a very good player and one the Buccs can develop to replace Gresham or trade for a nice return.
Other Needs: ------
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Green Zone League Articles

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