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Some love for the rest - Sloat's Mock 21-32
By Adam Sloat
Special to gzl-football.com

1.21 Philadelphia Eagles
CB Vontae Riggins {Florida} - The eagles need corners bad and not just one. Vontae is a good combination of size and speed and with some polish he can be a very good player for the team.

1.22 Philadelphia Eagles (From CAR)
WR Marlon Brown {Georgia} - A team with a number of needs, Brown gives them help at one of those spots and is a good player as well. Height, check; Speed, check; sold.

1.23 Miami Dolphins (From TB)
OG Brandon Thomas {Clemson} - Thomas won't wow anyone with his combine numbers, but he is a well-rounded prospect non-the-less. He has workable blocking skills to get starting time year one and helps the fish get better in an area of concern.

1.24 Jacksonville Jaguars (From DEN)
ILB Ricky Austin {Texas} - A team with one of the best ILB in the league, they need to realize he is on the decline and now is the right time to get a replacement they can develop behind his mentorship. Ricky is a great ILB prospect and should fit nicely onto any team.

1.25 Miami Dolphins
CB Darqueze Dennard {Michigan State} - A team with two 1st round CBs, they look to make it a trio with this pick of the last 1st round rated CB. Dennard will start day one over the aging CB3 the team currently employs.

1.26 Seattle Seahawks (From KC)
OT Zack Barrett {Boston College} - This is a tough one to predict, but the need in general on the Seahawks OL is too big to ignore. Zack is less than ideal in top end speed, but has good athleticism otherwise. He has good strength and blocking skills to match up and be a day one starter.

1.27 Cincinatti Bengals (From DET)
DE Trent Murphy {Stanford} - The Bengals would benefit from an upgrade at DE, especially a fast pass rushing type. Murphy is exactly that type of DE and should help bring more pressure for the teams pass rush.

1.28 Pittsburgh Steelers (from CHI)
DT Chris Jones {Bowling Green} - Pitt could use some middle line help and Jones fits the bill. Strong and possessing good quickness, he matches up well as a pocket pusher for them.

1.29 Baltimore Ravens
RB Charles Sims {West Virginia} - Peterson needs to be replaced at this point, or at the very least given a better spell option. Sims is a major upgrade at athleticism and has good starting tackle breaker skills and soft hands.

1.30 St. Louis Rams
DE Bradley Simmons {Boston College} - A team with only 1 good end, Simmons is a stark and immediate upgrade over their other 2 options and fits the bill as the type of player they seem to like.

1.31 San Diego Chargers (from OAK)
FS Chris Conte {California} - The Chargers could use a better FS prospect and Conte is pretty nice. His height and athleticism would make him a good WR here, as a FS he is a solid selection.

1.32 Seattle Seahawks
OG Thomas Nguyen {Memphis} - The champs finish out the 1st round by putting another brick in their leaky OL. Nguyen needs some work, but he has what is needed to start and become very good.
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Green Zone League Articles

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