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2017 GZL Super Mock Draft- Round 1
By Neal Wintermute
Special to gzl-football.com

2017 GZL Mock Draft
Rounds 1 and 2

Here's the obvious disclaimer: I have not been in this league long enough to see all your teams in action, so my opinions may not be correct. Having said that, here are my thoughts on what the first twenty picks may look like.

1.1- CB-Richard Sherman- The Chargers clearly want him and he is the right choice. Sherman is a generational talent that San Diego cannot pass up. He has the size and speed combo of an elite talent at a premium position. He is the clear #1.

1.2- WR-Josh Gordon- I don't think Gordon is that much better than other WR's in the draft, but he is probably the safest and most polished. The 49ers definitely need the help on the offensive side of the ball being outscored by over 100 points last season. Conway, Bailey, and newly acquired Streeter need the help. Gordon will be a good addition.

1.3- MLB-Ricky Austin- This could be a WR like Sammy Watkins or Aaron Drogan, but if you look at the Jets they have decent WRís, just a little older. The clear need is at MLB and Austin is worth this pick. I think they go defense here.

1.4- CB-Demarius Stonewall- The Bears need help at CB and WR. Again this could be Watkins or Drogan, but I think they go CB here. Gilbert is available and it my first mock he was the guy, but upon further review the Bears appear to like Stonewall better and itís hard to argue with that.

1.5- DE-Jadeveon Clowney- Clowney is a top talent. Even though Mack is available I think they will take Clowney. Clowney has exceptional speed and quickness that will make life easier on the rest of the defense.

1.6- QB-Bo Callahan- The Redskins have made it clear to anyone who will listen that they are happy with their defense. If this is really the case, then Callahan could be there guy. The QB is a need for the Redskins and if they want to improve there, Callahan is the pick to make that happen. I think they like their position right before the 2nd Saints pick, though the Saints really donít seem interested in taking a QB in round 1.

1.7- WR-Sammy Watkins- Watkins could have been gone several picks ago, but if he lasts to 7, the Saints take him. He's not tall per say, but he is very athletic and polished. He would be a huge upgrade over what they have now.

1.8- WR-Aaron Drogran- He's 6'7" and 91 SPD. I would take him ahead of Sammy Watkins, but I don't think most people would. If you look at the WR profile of the Patriots, Drogan fits. They could also go Khalil Mack here too.

1.9- OT-Greg Robinson- If the draft falls this way, Iím not 100% sure what they would do. Robinson is the best fit at LT. My guess is that they with Clowney were available. They could take him at 4 and hope Stonewall falls, but I donít think he will.

1.10- WR-Mike Evans- If this were to hold true, the Vikings would get the steal of the draft at 10. Evans is a beast and get him at 10 would be great. Evans is the prototypical #1 WR.

1.11- OLB-Khalil Mack- I think the Raiders traded into the right position to capitalize on this draft. Mack would be a great fit and it is conceivable he could get this far, particularly if the Bears go OL.

1.12- CB-Justin Gilbert- Itís unfortunate, but I get the feeling that Gilbertís stock is falling in this draft rapidly. It is probably because he is good at most things but not great at one thing.

1.13- DT-Aaron Donald- Donald could play either a 4-3 DT or a 3-4 or 4-3 DE. I think the Dolphins could use an upgrade on the DL and so they grab Donald, a very athletic DL.

1.14- OT-Token Price- The Patriots need a ton of help on the OL. Price is ready to play now with great AWR and blocking skills. I think this is an easy decision for New England.

1.15- HB-Carlos Hyde- It looks like Rodgers is really the Saints designated return man and therefore Hyde makes a lot of sense for the Saints. He would be another instant starter.

1.16- DE-Trent Murphy- The Packers have a void at LE. If they are looking for more of a 4-3 DE, Murphy would be the logical guy. The Packers could also go CB here.

1.17- OG-Brandon Thomas- The Dolphins need a replacement at LG and Thomas is a first round talent. His AWR is OK, but heís good enough to be able to play and develop at the same time.

1.18- FS/SS-Ha Ha Clinton-Dix- The Falcons have no strong safeties on their roster. Clinton-Dix is listed as a FS, but outside of his average tackling skills, he really has the qualities you would want in a starting safety.

1.19- CB-Darqueze Dennard- The Dolphins need a nickel CB and Dennard has the AWR to take that spot now. The Dolphins are tough to pick for, they have some needs but the positions available are not necessarily conducive to their draft positions.

1.20- TE-Eric Ebron- The Bucs have a need at HB and TE. If Hyde were here he would be the choice and I suppose Mason could be, but Ebron really does fit a need for the Bucs.

1.21- WR-Marlon Brown- The Eagles need a bunch of help at WR and Brown has the right physical attributes, but he will need playing time and will growing pains before he gets there. The Eagles have plenty of time to wait.

1.22- MLB-C.J. Mosley- Mosley has the talent to go earlier, but if he is here the Seahawks would love to add him. Good speed and acceleration along with good AWR make him a worthy choice.

1.23- HB-Tre Mason- Still not tremendous value for Mason, but he probably wonít last until 2.1. Mason should be very good and he has really good speed too.

1.24- WR-Jordan Matthews- Matthews is a good value here. Heís a strong WR who should be ready to play this season. The Jags could go OL, but I donít see any OL worth a 1st round pick.

1.25- CB-Vontae Riggins- The Packers could easily go LB here, but Riggins is a good CB that is starter worthy down the road.

1.26- DE-Canton Larsson- An excellent DE who has high AWR. I like him in a 3-4, but he would also be good in a 4-3 at RE.

1.27- SS-Jimmie Ward- Tremendous value here for the Bengals. They really need a SS and Ward is the best one available.

1.28- OLB-Díquarius Kemp- A sneaky good OLB who, with a little more speed, could really be a good one.

1.29- WR-Bradd Reid- Reid is a good WR with great strength. He does not have great hands, but he is a 1st round value.

1.30- OLB-Ryan Shazier- Shazier is quick and will be good, but the Rams will have endure a year or two with low AWR.

1.31- DE-Yasmin Ferguson- A physical, but quick DE with high AWR to help immediately.

1.32- QB-Johnny Manziel- The Eagles need to have a plan for the future after Aaron Rodgers. Manziel is a good QB, BUT he is a scrambler. We will see if that is a deal breaker.
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