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2017 GZL Super Mock Draft- Round 2
By Neal Wintermute
Special to gzl-football.com

2017 Mock Draft
Rounds 1 and 2

And the mock continues with round 2. I think round 2 is hard to predict, but also a round where you can find great value. There are several teams like the Vikings, Eagles, Bengals, Packers, Patriots, and Cowboys with multiple picks in this round. It will be interesting to see if they find the value they are hoping for here.

2.1- CB-Bo Davis- Heís got great ACC and JMP, but heís definitely a project. The Bucs have never flinched at a project.

2.2- DE-Dee Ford- A very good DE, who I think is a round 1 value. The Bengals again get great value here.

2.3- MLB-Denarius Washington- Heís not the fastest MLB, but heís a good all-around value for Atlanta.

2.4- OG-Thomas Nguyen- The Chargers can add to their OL rebuild with Nguyen. He needs a little boost in AWR, but he has the physical skills to help in San Diego.

2.5- OT-Zach Barrett- Heís a little slow, but heís clearly ready to help now and has excellent blocking skills for a rookie.

2.6- OT-Wyatt Mullendore- He lacks ACC, but everything is really good. Those who donít care as much about ACC will definitely covet Mullendore.

2.7- OLB-Junior OíNeal- A faster OLB who has good starting AWR.

2.8- FS-Chris Conte- I think Conte is one of those safeties in this draft that are startable. It is true that almost every team in the league has a tall, fast FS though.

2.9- DT-Colt Hemingway- Heís a good solid #2 DT. He has above average attributes across the board.

2.10- OLB/MLB-David Piper-Lewis- If the Vikings are looking for a MLB maybe Piper-Lewis is the guy for them. Williamson is also available, but I donít think heís the type of guy Minnesota is looking for.

2.11- TE-Benny Davis- The great value draft continues for the Bengals. Davis is tall, pass catching TE who will fill another need in Cincinnati.

2.12- OLB-Wesley Washington- I really like this player. He has tremendous height and good speed. He needs a little more ACC and he is low in AWR, but heís worth gamble I think.

2.13- WR-Ace Sanders- Heís just really fast. Iím not sure the Packers like him, but the WR class got thin quick.

2.14- DT-Chris Jones- Another solid DT. I donít think the Vikings value the position and they have guys that are fairly close to Jones, but I think Jones is an upgrade nonetheless.

2.15- FS/SS-Sully Santos- Iím wondering if the Cowboys would like to upgrade the SS spot with neither Burnett or Greer as the optimal solution. Santos could be a good upgrade for them.

2.16- HB-Mike James- I didnít like James much until I started looking at other RBís around the league and noticed James has a nice STR and ACC combo for a RB.

2.17- CB-Alan Hill- The Eagles are still in need of CB help and Hill is the last of a group that is really starter worthy.

2.18- C-Marcus Martin- Martin is a nice C and the Falcons could use an upgrade there. Martin has high AWR and good blocking skills to go along with good physical attributes.

2.19- CB-DeShawn Miller- The Cardinals have 0 CBís on the roster. Miller doesnít have great size or speed, but he is really good in everything else.

2.20- DE-Trent Thomas- Heís a big, strong RE. He will be really good against the run.

2.21- DE-Bradley Simmons- Simmons is a nice 3-4 DE. The Texans might like him at 2.20 in which case the Eagles might go Thomas here.

2.22- OG-David Yankey- He canít pass block but otherwise he is good OL. I think you can cover up his poor pass blocking skills.

2.23- OT-Bo Schneider- The Eagles have older OL and need to think about upgrades at the position. Schneider has potential here.

2.24- FS-Patch Gregory- Patch is certainly an interesting name, but outside of speed and maybe jump, he is a really good option at FS.

2.25- MLB/OLB-Tyler Williamson- I think if the Packers take him here, they would convert him to OLB. Williamson has the speed you want at OLB plus he has great hands.

2.26- QB-Malik McNabb- McNabb is a potential franchise QB. He may get taken before this depending on the needs of the teams in front of New York.

2.27- CB-Cyrus Nicholson III- And the Eagles still need good CBís, Nicholson does not have the speed they need, but he is 6í3Ē and is good elsewhere.

2.28- TE-Mickey Wilson- Wilson is a TE who is both a good blocking and pass catching TE. He doesnít have elite speed.

2.29- OLB-Jimmy Tuputala- Tuputala is an underrated OLB. I think itís possible the Packers may snag him, but if not the Ravens are sure to take him.

2.30- DE-Vin Alexander- To get a DE with Alexanderís skill is a phenomenal. The Bengals have to love the way this mock draft is going for them.

2.31- FB-Daryl Harvey- Heís a clear starting FB and the Saints clearly need a starting FB.

2.32- OG-Clinton Newton- Newton has nice physical skills. He still needs to develop in his AWR and blocking though.

Mocking a second round is really hard to do, because there are so many variables and once the first round falls differently it can directly influence the following rounds, but this should at least get the ball rolling on the discussion.
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