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10 Random Thoughts for the Week
By Neal Wintermute
Special to gzl-football.com

The draft is approaching and everyone is trying to figure out what everyone else is doing. So in light of this attempted mind-reading game we all are playing, I offer you some random thoughts for the week.

#1- Everyone assumes the 49ers are going WR at #2, because, well, they desperately need WR's, but what if they chose to go CB. What if Stonewall went at #2? How would that shake up the draft?

#2- The Bills, Broncos, Chiefs, Colts, Giants, Panthers, and Titans have all punted the first two rounds of this draft. Which team on this list is currently regretting it?

#3- How many teams still hold their original pick in the first round? Take a guess. Answer is 7. So 22% of the teams in this year's draft have their original pick. There is certainly no lack of trading happening in the GZL.

#4- The Giants and Panthers own 9 of the 7th round picks or 28%. If they are looking for cheap roster fillers, they have played this one well.

#5- Once he is drafted, WR-Aaron Drogran will be the strongest WR in the league at 82. Team to TBD. QB-Malik McNabb will likewise be the strongest QB in this draft at 89, once he too is drafted. Team to TBD.

#6- The dumbest player in the draft award goes to two players: HB-Jesse Simpson and WR-Jordan Peppers, both have 40 AWR.

#7- The Titans, Falcons, Rams, Chiefs, Ravens, Giants, and Redskins all have 5 million or less in cap space. There will need to be cuts. But is there anyone who really has value that will be cut, that is the real question?

#8- The Panthers and Vikings currently have 17 more players on their roster than the Cardinals do. The Cards actually have a little over 27 million in cap room, but only 5 draft picks. Maybe, they are the team that will encounter cap problems.

#9- The last two are non-GZL related. I love the World Cup, I really do. Some Americans can't stand soccer or futbol, but I honestly think it is great. However, FIFA might be a little suspect to say the least. See video by John Oliver. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DlJEt2KU33I. By the way, I don't know if he is telling the truth or not.

#10- I just finished watching the NBA draft on Thursday, followed by the NHL draft on Friday and Saturday. I actually can't stand watching an NBA game. I can't stand the culture and many players don't look like they give it all every night. Having said this, I love watching the NBA draft. I follow college basketball and I just love drafts. The Sixers (my local team) have developed a controversial strategy, which is basically to tank for a couple of seasons in favor of acquiring assets. I think it's working; I'm not sure really how ethical it is, but I do think it is working.

BONUS: Nothing beats the Stanley Cup Playoffs for intensity and action, nothing. I realize you either love hockey or hate it, but for those who watch it's the greatest playoffs you will ever see.

Good luck to everyone in this year's draft!
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Green Zone League Articles

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