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Best and Worst Picks of the Second and Third Rounds
By Keith Van Wagner
Special to gzl-football.com


The first round gets all the love, but itís the second and third round where teams really find the gems of the draft. Every knows Richard Sherman is great. But what about that Safety you picked up in the 2nd? Often itís these picks that can take a franchise to the next level. So below, for everyone to debate, is my list of the best and worst players from the 2nd and 3rd rounds. Please note that this article does not take into account the results of the skew, but are based solely on the pre-draft attributes of the rookies.


Best Picks
The second round is always chock full of players that slip out of the first round for some reason or another and itís a great place to find some great values. Itís easy to pick someone like Bo Davis, who went at 2.1, a pick I really liked. But thatís maybe too easyÖ I also liked the Ryan Shazier pickup by the Patriots at 2.7. He was the best OLB on my boardÖI think SS Deone Bucannon was an amazing pick at 2.9 by the Steelers. He may be as good of a SS as Clinton-Dix is a FS. Iím intrigued by the drafting of DE Dee Ford by the Bengals at 2.11. He lacks average strength at the position, but has the potential to be an impact player. Heíll be boom or bust. Originally I had him pegged as an OLB, but Iím curious to see what he can do as a 4-3 DEÖWR Bradd Reid was a nice pickup at 2.16 for a player a couple mocks had going in the first and isnít that far behind other big name WRs that went in the first frameÖIs it tooting my own horn too much to mention my own pickup of SS Jimmie Ward at 2.32? It wasnít a need pick but how does a guy some had slated for the first round come so close to the third? Anyway, I was pleasedÖAlso liked the Saintsí pickup of Chris Conte at 2.5. Heís definitely not as good as Clinton-Dix, but definitely in the same ballpark.

Worst Picks
Generally, I think everyone did a great job drafting in the second round. It was hard to pick a few draft selections to point out here. But in the spirit of doing this article, hereís who Iíll pick. OT Cyrus Kouandjio is big and strong but not much else. I had him ranked as the 9th best Tackle on the draft board. Not a great value for the Vikings at 2.10 in my opinion. The Falcons grabbed 5í7Ē, 173 lb HB Dri Archer at 2.18 and though heís fast and is an intriguing Kick Return prospect, but he likely would have been available later in the draft...OC Lemarcus Sterling isnít a bad prospect, but is he worth a 2nd rounder? Marcus Martin was still available, who generally was considered a better player.


Best Picks

As we get through the first two rounds, it becomes a bit harder to find some good talent. Here are a few that were excellent values. DE Kony Ealy was a nice pickup in the third round by Green Bay. I liked him better than Yasmin Ferguson who went in the first...Sully Santos had the lowest STR for a FS in the draft, but also had the best combo of speed and size. He is an intriguing prospect in Cleveland. The pick of Marcus Martin in the third represents an excellent value. It was a weak Center class, but I thought Martin was the best in the group and a great bargain for the Chargers...I also like the addition of Jimmy Taputala by Philly near the end of the third round and wonder if heíd make a good Middle Linebacker.

Worst Picks
At this point itís unfair to list worst picks in the third round. This is where people start getting players mostly for need (as evidenced by some of the HB selections). Itís hard to pick one or two, but the two that stand out to me are QB Joey Ward by the Saints and LB Marten Ford by the Seahawks. Despite my lack of interest in scrambling QBs, Terrelle Pryor appears to be the better prospect. Even without Pryor on the board, Ward likely would be too hard to progress to be a starter quality player. In terms of Ford, itís not that I donít like his ability, itís just that there were a few that I felt were ranked higher. Then again, the Seahawks are the defending champion and I had the 6th overall pick, so maybe I donít know what Iím talking about.
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