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5 WTF Picks and 5 Nice, Very Nice Picks
By Jason Arnold
Special to gzl-football.com


(these are not in any order, just 5 that stand out to me)

1. Canton Larsson(#17 overall, Miami Dolphins) ... 300lbs, 75 SPD, 87 STR, 79 ACC ....

The guy does nothing for me. He'd be an undersized, weak DT and he's a mediocre, at best, athlete playing DE. He would be an okay 3-4 DE, but considering that 3-4 DEs are primarily run stuffers, why not wait and grab someone later to stand there and absorb blockers? I see his upside as a marginal starter and that's not good enough for 17.

2. Tre Mason(#22 overall, Arizona Cardinals) ... 207lbs, 92 SPD, 69 STR, 93 ACC ...

My initial reaction to this pick was why? Now, it's WTF? He's not a big body, doesn't have that next level speed to wow you, but some nice CAR and BTK stats. We have also seen in the past that a HB 220+ with worse BTK will still break more tackles ... Moral of the story and ask your girlfriends for clarification, but size matters and Mason, just comes up short.

3. Johnny Manziel(#27 overall, Cincinnati Bengals) ... 6'0, 207lbs, 86 SPD, 96 THP, 83 THA

Look, he has great starting attributes. He has two big, big things against him and that's the fact that he is short and a scrambler. Scramblers are boom or bust and usually bust. Small scramblers? Who knows, but it's scary. I rate this pick not as a WTF just because the fact he could bust because we can say that for every scrambler ever taken, but because he was taken in Round 1 by a team whom already had a franchise QB in place. Passing up on a non-scrambling franchise QB for a scrambling franchise QB? Seems ... odd.

4. Bubba Andrews(#35 overall, New Orleans Saints) ... 6'3, 251lbs, 79 SPD, 84 STR, 76 ACC ....

Could he be the best FB in the GZL? Sure. At the end of the day, he's still a FB. Move him to TE? Doesn't matter. Now you have an average height, slow TE. Either way, the pick makes no sense. Just find a slow, big HB and play him at FB or just wait until later in the draft to find a FB. They really aren't a position worthy of a high second round pick in such a stacked class.

5. Cyrus Nicholson III(#49 overall, Eagles) ... 6'3, 231lbs, 86 SPD, 72 STR, 88 ACC ...

I expect this pick to be semi-controversial and I'm okay with that. I think the Eagles just fell in love with big bodies in the secondary. They have been doing that with most of their DBs(Hamilton, Hill, Rowe, etc) and that's fine .. to a degree. Nicholson is topping off at 89 SPD. Even if you move him to safety, you're getting a really big, slow, below average athleticism safety, let alone at CB. His peak is ... a back-up and probably not even a #3 CB, IMO. He's destined for safety and as I said, even then he's not that great. Hopefully his size alone will make him okay in this Engine because he brings very little else to the table.

Nice, Very Nice

1. Khalil Mack(#10 overall, Raiders) ... 6'3, 251lbs, 87 SPD, 75 STR, 87 ACC ....

This isn't a wow you selection because after all, he went 10th overall. However, I have him here because I think he is better then the guy that went 5th overall, so there's incredible value here for me. The things Austin does better(+4 STR, +2 AGI, +3 CTH) don't mean as much to me. AGI on a LB is almost worthless in Madden sims at LB unless it's disgustingly low and the things Mack does better are more impactful(+2 SPD, +5 AWR, +5 JMP, +1 TKL, +5 INJ, +4 TGH). Like I said, Austin is a stud for sure, I just think getting Mack 5 picks lower(and a better player to me) is the better value.

2. Vontae Riggins(#31 overall, Bears) ... 6'1, 93 SPD, 95 AGI, 90 ACC, 94 JMP ....

This guy is a franchise type of CB. He has lower then you'd like starting CTH, but everything else is something you would want in a CB to build around. He'll be a 6'1 CB with 96 SPD, what's not to like? I'm surprised a CB of caliber fell as far as he did.

3. Trent Muprhy(#23, Bucs) ... 6'5, 261lbs, 85 SPD, 69 STR, 86 ACC ...

I stopped with those attributes because that's all that needs to be said. He can be a stud at OLB or DE. I cannot fathom why he dropped as far as he did.

4. Ryan Shazier(#39, Patriots) ... 6'1, 237lbs, 68 STR, 85 SPD, 86 ACC ...

He is a little shorter than most like, but he is fast as hell and has a large enough body(237lbs) to over compensate for the lack of overall strength. Sideline to sideline LBs are always great value at #39.

5. Alan Hill(#59, Eagles) ... 6'0, 230lbs, 92 SPD, 93 ACC ...

I like this pick more then Nicholson III. His INJ is a little bit higher then you want, but you can use off-season points to raise that up to 82. A large, big bodied CB that will top off at 95 SPD and still have serviceable ACC is a nice pick late in the second round. I like this pick exponentially more then his pick of Nicholson, but we shall see.
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