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PSW1: How did the rooks do?
By Tim Miller
Special to gzl-football.com

Preseason Week 1 and the 2017 rookies have had their professional cherries popped.

So let's take a look and see how they did.

1.1 - CB Richard Sherman - Chargers won 44-13 over Giants
3 Tackles, 2 INTs, 2 Deflections, and 4 catches allowed.

Wow! 2 INT in his first game? So far a quarter of the passes thrown his way have been intercepted (2 INT + 2 DEF + 4 CTH = 8 Throws his way). Definitely looking like he is worthy of 1.1. Dammit.

1.2 - WR Josh Gordon - 49ers lost to Cowboys 27-45
No stats

No stats? You draft a guy at 1.2 and he has no stats? Scared to play him?

1.3 - WR Aaron Drogan - Jets lose to Panthers 17-29
4 receptions for 53 yards with a long of 21 yards and 1 drop.

Not terrible for a debut but I think a lot of it depends on where he was played. Surprised there were not more passes since it seems like the Jets were down in the game.

1.4 - LE Jadeveon Clowney - Bears won 17-13 over Browns
No stats

Again, no stats? Did he not play or did the Browns shut down the Freak?

1.5 - MLB Ricky Austin - Saints lost to Raiders 41-27
5 tackles, 1 tackle for loss, 1 deflection and 1 catch allowed.

Tough game to go up against the super Raiders in his first game but it does seem like he held his own.

1.6 - CB Demarius Stonewall - Redskins defeat Bills 16-13
3 tackles, 1 deflection, and 1 catch allowed.

Well he is no Richard Sherman, but... Just kidding. The Bills were as not far out of this game so there wasn't as much passing. Not sure where he lined up but only allowing 1 catch is not too bad.

1.7 - QB Bo Callahan - Falcons lost to Broncos 27-45
8 for 20 for 110 yards. 1 sack. 3 INT. 18.7 QB rating.

Look out Luke, here comes Sheriff Roscoe P Coltraine! But in this episode, Bo ended up in the septic tank. Matt Ryan's job is apparently safe as the "heir apparent" tag is quickly ripped from Callahan. That is one way to squash a QB controversy.

1.8 Seahawks DT Aaron Donald - Seahawks lost to Colts 19-22
No stats

WTF? Well wait a second. The Seahawks are probably so stacked that they didn't even have him play. He will probably be mentored for 3 seasons before setting foot on the playing field.

1.9 - WR Mike Evans - Bears won 17-13 over Browns
1 reception for 19 yards

Hey! The Bears did play a first round pick! Good news is no drops!

1.10 - WR Sammy Watkins - Vikings won 26-10 over the Rams
2 receptions for 64 yards with one being for 14 yards and the other for 50 yards. 1 drop.

Well back to percentages... he drops 33% of the balls thrown to him. Of course with Colt McCoy throwing to you, he probably had 10 passes thrown to him and he just did not know it.

There you have it. Out of the top 10, there were some winners (Sherman) and a big loser (Callahan). Overall the teams went 4-5 (Bears had two in there). Now considering the caliber of teams in this top 10, well it is a little surprising since there were multiple playoff teams and even the Super Bowl champion in there with top 10 picks.

We will continue to monitor and see how they did.

Oh, and for reference, the 6th pick of the 7th round had 6 catches for 72 yards and the 3rd pick of the 7th round had a QB rating of 41.3.

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Green Zone League Articles

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