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MVP's of Week 2: 2017
By Travis Robbins
Special to gzl-football.com

MVP's of Week 2: 2017


Quarterback: QB Ben Roethlisbergr
20 Completions : 26 Attempts : 246 Yards : 76.92% Completion : 2 Touchdowns : 0 Interceptions : 131.2 QB Rating

In what might be the last year that Ben Roethlisbergr starts in the GZL, the veteran career long Steelers gave everyone a fright last week with 25.3 QB Rating at home against the Cleveland Browns. Thankfully the Steelers needed more than one game to give up him, and for that Pittsburgh is probably thankful. This performance by Roethlistbergr is a lot like Palmer from the week before. A higher completion percentage, but less overall yards and not as many trips into the endzone.

The Browns lead the AFC North and remain undefeated while the Ravens, Steelers, and the Bengals all sit at 1-1.

Halfback: HB LeGarrette Blount
26 Carries : 214 Yards : 8.23 Yards Per Carry : 68 Long : 3 Yards : 0 Fumbles

There were a lot of great performances by halfbacks this week, and I almost didn't select Blount just because of the Buccanners 51-26 victory over Baltimore, where they outscored the Ravens in just one quarter when they put up 27 points in the second quarter of the game. However, 200 yards isn't something one can easily forget, especially when you put up a 8.23 Yards Per Carry in the process.

The Buccaneers must have missed the big guys presence, for he was only in Seattle for two seasons before they traded him back. Or maybe they just want him to retire a Buccaneer.

All four NFC South teams sit at 1-1, in what might be another close race in the NFC South.

Wide Receiver: WR Michael Floyd
10 Receptions : 172 Yards : 47 Long : 1 Touchdown : 0 Drops

Michael Floyd is coming off of a fifteen drop season, his most in his GZL career. This game might be the first step in his recovery. This is his first season out of Philadephia, and I'm sure the Titans are hoping that Floyd will be seeing this list very often. Preferably every week I reckon.

After two weeks, the Raiders are not having much luck against the pass, with their last week opponents opponents Quarterback featured, and now this weeks Wide Receiver. Will I be seeing Josh Gordon or Geno Smith next week?

The Titans sit at 2-0 and at the top of the AFC South. They face the Browns next week, the currently number 1 Power Poll ranked team.

Tight End: TE Vernon Davis
6 Receptions : 83 Yards : 24 Long : 1 Touchdown : 0 Drops : 5 Pancakes

This may be the last year we see Vernon Davis in uniform. He's got a year left on his contract, but he'll be in the third year of his regression if he doesn't retire. An 8.8M dollar contract just might be too much. But even at 33 years old and with a lot less gas in the tank, Davis still finds a way to out play any other Tight End this week.

83 Yards and 6 Receptions is hardly the best game of his career, but he only performed better one game all last season. Perhaps the Bills have found a better way to utilize him in this offense. Or perhaps the Patriots just forgot that Vernon Davis is a threat, regardless of age.

The Bills sit at 1-1 after a win against the Patriots this week, putting them just behind the 2-0 Dolphins. Both the Jets and Patriots sit at 0-2

Offensive Line: LT Trent Williams
12 Pancakes : 0 Sacks Allowed

Last week, Redskins DT Vaughn Martin laughed at the performances of the rest of the leagues Defensive Tackles. This week, Redskins Trent Williams is the only offensive line to put up more than 10 Pancakes with more than twice as many pancakes as anyone else on his team. That's saying a lot when you share a locker room with Jared Gaither.

The 4th overall pick in the 2010 draft matched up against the Panthers late third round pick, RE Jerry Ellis who's in his third season. He put over 45 tackles in his rookie season with the Seahawks, but didn't put up even 1 sack. In 2016, he saw very little play time, and this year, after being traded to the Panthers, his performance has still been lackluster. This might be his last season as a starter if he keeps letting Tackles like Trent Williams throw him to the ground a dozen times.

The Redskins sit atop the NFC East at 2-0, with the Cowboys and the Giants at 1-1, and the Eagles sitting by themselves at 0-2.


Defensive Line: Whole Defensive Line
12 Tackles : 2 Tackles for Loss : 3 Sacks : 3 Forced Fumbles : 2 Fumble Recoveries for 3 Yards

If I had to select just one player, it might have been RE Sam Montgomery, who sacked the QB once, and caused 2 forced fumbles. Or maybe it would have been DT Jon Cooper, who sacked the QB as well, and recovered 2 fumbles. Hell, even LE Greg Romeus found himself in on a sack and causing a fumble. With the Chargers winning by only 1 point in the 24-23 game, it's clear that the absolute domination by this Defensive Line is what let the Chargers to come away with a victory this week. Just incredible.

It's no surprise that the Chargers sit at 2-0 in the AFC West. The biggest surprise is that the Raiders have fallen to 0-2, and sit last in the division, something that no one predicted. The Chiefs and Broncos sit at 1-1

Linebacker: MLB C.J. Mosley
7 Tackles : 2 Tackles For Loss : 2 Interceptions For 6 Yards : 1 Deflections

If I'm not mistaken, this is the first rookie to find himself on this list, and with a well deserved performance as well. The Eagles may sit at 0-2, but C.J. Mosley's performance sure wasn't the cause. The Rookie only recorded 3 tackles in his premier last week, but something must have clicked a couple of days ago in Dallas for the young player.

7 Tackles, 2 for loss, 2 interceptions and even a deflection are stats that even veteran Linebackers look to achieve. Mosley might not see another game like this in years, but it's possible that he'll be the next dominate force in the GZL. The 1.21 pick spent on the linebacker shows that the Eagles have faith that it's possible.

Defensive Back: CB Aqib Talib
6 Tackles : 3 Interceptions for 54 Yards : 4 Deflections : 1 Touchdown

I cried a little on the inside when I saw this performance by CB Aqib Talib. The veteran might have only been in Pittsburgh for a season, but he never even saw a double interception game, never mind a triple. In fact, in his 7 seasons starting in the GZL, he's never had a game with two interceptions. Is this a by product of the Colts QB situation, or are they feeding their players something extra special in Houston?

Aqib was picked up as a Free Agent by the Texans, and although his regression means he can't start for teams anymore, he's still a very good player if you can pick your match ups well, as shown here.

The Texans are down a game behind the Titans after losing last week to them, but with a bye week, and another game against the Colts, we may see another win, and another 3 interceptions by the vet.

Special Teams:

Kicker Returner: WR Dexter McCluster
5 Returns : 203 Yards : 40.60 Yards Per Return : 1 Touchdown : 83 Long

It seems the Bengals traded for Dexter McCluster this season mainly for kick returning duties, and it looks like it was an excellent move made by GM Brady Tinnin, who's turned the Bengals around last season with their first winning season since 2010. They lost to their division rivals, the Baltimore Ravens last week, but it was a close game. This week would have also been a close game, and a lose if it wasn't for Dexter McCluster. The Bengals won only by one point, and without this kick return in the 4th quarter, where the Bengals put up 21 of their points, I just can't see a Bengals victory happening. Dexter gave this team a win, and saved them from sitting at 0-2 and at the bottom of the AFC North.

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