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MVP's of Week 3: 2017
By Travis Robbins
Special to gzl-football.com

MVP's of Week 3: 2017


Quarterback: QB Russell Wilson
17 Completions : 28 Attempts : 463 Yards : 60.71% Completion : 6 Touchdowns : 1 Interception : 129.5 QB Rating

Even when the Dolphins went 2-0 in their first two weeks, I wasn't quite sure that they had a team that could put together win after win, but this week vanished those doubts. The Dolphins faced off against the Bears this week, and put up 52 Points. The Bears QB put up just 2 yards less than Wilson did, and it took him 64 Attempts. 64 Attempts is enough to put him on the all time GZL game records, tied with Eli Manning in the 4th spot. Wilson did it in less than half as many tries. 17 completions and 463 yards. That's an average of 27 yards every time his Receiver came up with the ball. The only stat point that hurts Wilson here is the one interception that he threw. Even with that, it was an incredible game for the young QB.

The Dolphins are the only team in the AFC East with a winning record. The Bills and Jets sit at 1-2, and the Patriots are currently win less.

Halfback: HB Doug Martin
25 Carries : 277 Yards : 11.08 Yards Per Carry : 72 Long : 2 Touchdowns

Doug fucking Martin. The guy is a beast. 25 carries, 277 yards with an average of over 11 yards? It isn't just this game that the guys been incredible on. All three weeks he's put up over 180 yards per game. He leads the league in Touchdowns, Yards Per Carry, and has more than 240 yards more than the halfback in second place. He's on pace for over 3,000 yards rushing. It's not going to happen, but don't tell that to Doug Martin. I'm just glad I'm not on the Packers schedule.

Packers lead the NFC North, currently undefeated. The Bears fall a game behind with the loss against the Dolphins, and both the Vikings and the Lions sit at 1-2.

Wide Receiver: WR Kevin Ogletree
6 Receptions : 285 Yards : 47.50 Yards Per Reception : 80 Long : 4 Touchdown : 1 Drop

Now back to the Dolphins, as I'm not quite done starring in utter confusion at the powerhouse offense that they showed this week. Wilson had to have thrown a majority of those 463 yards to somebody, right? That somebody is Kevin Ogletree. Want to know why Wilson was able to put up an average of 27 yards per completion? The reason is right here. 285 yards receiving for Kevin Ogletree on just 6 receptions. 6 Receptions! That's 47.50 Yards Per Reception. This skyrockets Ogletree to the top for seasonal stats with a season average of 28.8, six more than anyone else. The 30 year old is starting to get up there in age, but I don't think he's forgetting this one any time soon. Neither will the Bears, I imagine.

Tight End: TE Eric Ebron
6 Receptions : 78 Yards : 41 Long : 1 Touchdown : 1 Drop : 6 Pancakes

I should probably get used to writing about Eric Ebron. His performance hasn't been incredible, but it doesn't take much when TE's across the league are under performing. Ebron doesn't lead the league in receptions, but he does lead in yards by nearly 80 yards over Jermichael Finley and Aaron Hernandez. I guess it helps when you are faster than most Linebackers and some wide receivers. More than half of his yards came on one 41 year reception. The Touchdown helped propel the Lions past the Seahawks for their first win of the season.

Offensive Line: LT Terron Armstead
17 Pancakes : 0 Sacks Allowed

The Packers and Dolphins are such attention hogs. Behind every great halfback run, lies some great blocking, and it seems Terron Armstead did most of that this week with 17 Pancakes.

Armstead is only in his third year, and at 24 years old he has a lot to learn. Oh wait, 17 Pancakes? Maybe he doesn't.

The man lying on his behind most of the game on the Falcons side of the ball was LE Michael Buchanon. He was drafted in the same year as Armstead, but nearly 4 rounds later. I suppose the difference of talent showed in this game. Buchanon didn't even record a stat this week. Not even a tackle. The poor guy is probably still weeping in the locker rooms after practice.


Defensive Line: LE Trevor Scott
3 Tackles : 1 For Loss : 2 Sacks : 1 Fumble Recovery for 7 yards

I picked on the Raiders a bit last week because of their lack of a pass defense, so it's only fair that I get full credit on Trevor Scott's performance this week. Two Sacks and a recovered turnover helped the Raiders get their very first win this season in San Francisco. Trevor, now 32 has been a Raider throughout the history of the GZL, and his ability to make plays happen when they need him to seems to be the reason why.

In the AFC West, the Raiders sit next to the Chiefs at 1-3, with the Broncos a game ahead of them, and the Chargers undefeated.

Linebacker: ROLB Brooks Reed
5 Tackles : 2 For Loss : 1 Sack : 1 Interception for 74 Yards : 1 Deflection

There weren't a lot of amazing defensive games this week as there was on the offensive side of the ball, but that shouldn't impact the credit these players receive.

Reed's performance here didn't win the Titans their game, but it didn't hurt. The 40-10 Victory against the Browns keep the Titans undefeated.

Just as with Trevor Scott, Reed has been a Titan throughout GZL's history. Perhaps loyalty has earned these two teams some spectacular play from these two veterans.

The Titans seem to have this division well in hand, sitting two games or more above every other divisional rival. With the Texans the closest, at 1-1.

Defensive Back: CB Brady Shields
3 Tackles : 3 Interceptions for 7 Yards : 3 Deflections

The Colts' QB struggles continue this week in Pittsburgh. In their closest game to date, the Colts remained only a touchdown behind at the closing of the game. A total of nine interceptions were thrown in this game. Five of them went into the hands of the Steelers Defense, and four of them went to the Colts.

Brady Shields is only in his second year, and before this game, has never had an interception. If this performance doesn't give Shields a confidence boost, nothing else will. Hopefully the Colts figure something out. The Colts giving up three interceptions to Aqib Talib last week is one thing, but getting fooled by Shields 3 times is another thing entirely.

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