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MVPs of Week 6 : 2017
By Travis Robbins
Special to gzl-football.com

MVPs of Week 6: 2017


Quarterback: QB Colt McCoy
16 Completions : 23 Attempts : 223 Yards : 69.57% Completion : 4 Touchdowns : 140 QB Rating

McCoy is the first of three Vikings to appear on the list this week. McCoy is the backup to Jake Locker in Minnesota, who left week two's game with an injury that will take all season to heal. McCoy hasn't been wasting time in his absence, going 2-1, with the 5-1 Bucs being his only loss. This week just screamed efficiency. Four touchdowns with only 16 completions is crazy. He didn't rack up a lot of yards, but that didn't stop the Vikings from putting up 51 points this week, in a large part because of the two other players coming up.

The Vikings have a lot of work at 2-3 to catch up to the 4-2 Lions and the 3-2 Packers and Bears in the NFC North.

Halfback: HB David Wilson
26 Carries : 189 Yards : 7.27 Yards Per Carry : 56 Long : 2 Touchdowns

Sometimes Quarterbacks do so well that a wide receiver earns a spot on this list, or it's because of a lineman that did a lot of the work, but very rarely do I see a top notch quarterback paired up with a halfback that nearly matched said quarterback in yardage.

Wilson has been a reliable halfback for the Vikings since he was drafted in 2013, in the fourth round, but he'd flown under my radar until now. With a long of 56, Wilson was able to put up nearly 200 yards on 26 carries, leaving just about every other halfback in the dust this week.

Wide Receiver: WR Kevin Ogletree
5 Receptions : 223 Yards : 44.60 Yards Per Reception : 75 Long : 1 Touchdown : 1 Drop

The Dolphins QB, Russell Wilson was close to earning himself another featured spot at the top of this list because he was able to put up 311 yards and 3 Touchdowns in only 18 Passing Attempts. However an interception and good play by Colt McCoy lost him the spot. Kevin Ogleetree's 223 Yard game had no such competition. Ogletree has 750 Yards in just 6 games. That's on track for a nearly 2,000 yard receiving season. Seeing as his career season record is only the 1098 yards that he put up last season, that's saying something. I don't know what it is, but Dolphins QB Russell Wilson sure is clicking with Kevin Ogletree this season.

The Dolphins sore to the top of the AFC East. A division that hasn't seen a true playoff contender since the 2014 12-4 Bills, might be seeing a resurgence with the 5-1 Dolphins. The Bills and Jets sit at 2-4, while the Patriots earn their first win with a QB change up and sit at 1-5.

Tight End: TE Courtney Smith
8 Receptions : 112 Yards : 36 Long : 1 Touchdown : 4 Pancakes

No one predicted that the Seahawks would be sitting at 1-5 after the first 6 weeks of the season. Even if we knew that QB Cameron Newton would go down in week 1, the Seahawks have proven in the past that they had what it takes to win with their backup QBs.

Courtney Smith is the only shining star in another loss for Seattle, putting up over 100 yards on 8 receptions, and a touchdown with a long of only 36 yards. This game makes up more than 50% of the yards that Smith has all season. Perhaps this performance is the first sign that The Seahawks are coming out of hibernation.

The 4-1 Rams and the 4-2 Cardinals lead the NFC West, while the 49ers sit with the Seahawks at 1-5.


Defensive Line: DT Terry Bailey
5 Tackles : 1 For Loss : 2 Sacks : 1 Forced Fumble

The Bears just lost to who now? After a loss at Miami, and now a loss to the Patriots, perhaps the AFC East are The Bears unlikely kryptonite?

The Bears Defensive Line lost RE Marc Thomas in this game for a short duration, but that didn't stop their DT from putting up multiple sacks and a forced fumble. I'm not sure if Clowney recovered the fumble from Bailey, or the other one that Thomas was able to force, but either way solid game from Bailey and the rest of the Bears Defensive Line. Clowney was able to lead the team in tackles, and almost won out over Bailey, but I had to pick Bailey just because of the position he plays. But Clowney sure is fighting for defensive rookie of the year.

Linebacker: MLB Ernest Munoz
14 Tackles : 2 For Loss : 1 Interception for 2 Yards : 1 Deflection

Munoz easily led his team in tackles, with the person closest to him only putting up a total of five. 14 tackles alone is impressive, but putting up an interception on top of that sealed the deal for Munoz. Although the Bengals were behind the whole game, the Steelers didn't run an abnormal amount of time, with Johnstone only carrying it 24 times. So Munozes numbers are not because of a running back continuously running at his face.

With this loss, the Bengals who were fighting tooth and nail for the division win last season, fall to 1-5. The Steelers lead at 4-2, with the Browns at 3-2, and the Ravens 2-3.

Defensive Back: CB Marquis Robinson
7 Tackles : 1 Fumble Recovery for 3 Yards : 1 Interception for 3 Yards : 2 Deflections : 6 Catches Allowed

Maybe I'm just used to 3 interception games from DB's this season, but this week seemed rather lackluster for the group. The one player that stands out is Chiefs Marquis Robinson. A fumble recovery and an interception, both for 3 yards were two of the three turnovers for the Chiefs, enough to squeeze out a 33-30 win over the 49ers.

Marquis is a 1.14 pick from 2013, who put up 8 interceptions last year. His current number for this season is 3, which is about on par to match it, maybe a little less. Impressively, he's already forced 2 fumbles this season, 1 more than he's ever put up.

The 4-2 Chiefs have taken the lead of the AFC West from the now 3-2 Chargers. With the 3-3 Broncos, and 2-3 Raiders still trying to climb their way back up.

Special Teams:

Kicker Returner: HB Joseph Randle
7 Returns : 251 Yards : 35.86 Yards Per Return : 1 Touchdown : 98 Yards

Thought we were done talking about the Vikings? Nope. Even with the impressive play by both the QB and the Halfback, the Jets were in the lead for most of the game. This return helped the Vikings put up the required 50+ points to secure the win.

Randle has 90 Speed and 57 Kick returning ability. A player I never would have started. Perhaps that's why I never get kick returns going for touchdowns?

Author Notes:

For JP, whose enthusiasm for this league continues to inspire me to write.
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