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MVPs of Week 7 : 2017
By Travis Robbins
Special to gzl-football.com

MVPs of Week 7: 2017


Quarterback: QB Christian Ponder
14 Completions : 23 Attempts : 314 Yards : 60.87% Completion : 4 Touchdowns : 1 Interception : 126.4 QB Rating

Welcome back Christian Ponder, how have you been? 5-2? Leading your division with a QB rating of 95.3? Not bad at all. After a nasty slump following week one, where the Cardinals fell to 1-2, they've won 4 straight and lead their division.

This game isn't anything new when it comes to Ponder, he's surprisingly efficient with the football most of the time, with his one major error in judgment this game gave the Panthers the ball.

The Rams sit just behind the Cardinals at 4-2, while the Seahawks sneak to 2-5 this week, and the 49ers remain with only one win at 1-6.

Halfback: HB Trent Richardson
23 Carries : 177 Yards : 7.7 Yards per Carry : 81 Long : 2 Touchdowns

Trent Richardson led the league in rushing last season, and although Doug Martin got an insane head start at the start of this season, he's still on pace for the 1800+ yards that got him the spot last year. Life has been good for Trent after being traded out of San Francisco, where he wasn't able to hit even the 1500 yard rushing mark.

It's bad luck that Trent Richardson's big day comes with a loss at home against the Baltimore Ravens. The Offense played alright, but the Defense did not. Worse was the Special Teams, who allowed the Ravens to get 14 Points off of kick returns. 45 Offensive points just aren't enough when your opponent puts up a total of 59.

The 6-0 Titans have a firm handle of the AFC South, with the 4-2 Texans falling one more game behind. The 2-4 Jaguars and the 1-5 Colts sit at the bottom.

Wide Receiver: WR Demaryius Thomas
8 Receptions : 134 Yards : 42 Long : 3 Touchdowns

Demaryius led the Seahawks to their second win of the season, bringing in all three offensive touchdowns and putting up 134 of the 197 yards that QB Landry Jones threw this week. That alone would have been enough because the Seahawks defense held the 49ers to just 13 points. However, two field goals and a kick return for a touchdown made the victory appear effortless.

With 642 yards and 7 touchdowns on the season, Demaryius is on track for his best season ever, which was last years 1307 Yards and 12 touchdowns. At least someone is still having a great season on the 2-5 Seahawks.

Tight End: TE Fendi Onobun
7 Receptions : 109 Yards : 39 Long : 1 Touchdown : 3 Pancakes

Onobun's first 100+ receiving game comes in a game where the Steelers QBs couldn't put up a combined total of 200 yards. The top Steelers Wide Receiver only hauled in 5 catches for 43 yards, making Onobun's game much more impressive. The Jaguars tight end also had the best game of all of their pass catchers.

Obobun leads the league in receiving yards at 430, with Eric Ebrons 310, the closest. He's just on pace to match last seasons 1030 yards after this game.

The 5-2 Steelers sit one game ahead of the 4-2 Browns in the AFC North, with the 3-3 Ravens just behind them, and the 1-6 Bengals last.


Defensive Line: DT Stephen Paea
6 Tackles : 1 Sack : 1 Forced Fumble : 1 Fumble Recovery

Bears LE Clowney and his 3 sacks probably aren't too happy with me at the moment, but I had to pick DT Stephen Paea instead. Stephen Paea got himself a sack, forced a fumble and also recovered that fumble. But most importantly he wasn't playing a Rookie QB. Although Eagles Mcnabb's 11 sack total doesn't compare to Johnny Manziel's 31.

Paea is a first round draft pick from 2012 who's fallen under the radar like most Defensive Tackles do. However, after 6 games, Paea has already matched his single season sack record of 6 and has put up 26 tackles, with a single season best of 34. He's clearly on his way to his best season ever. Perhaps he won't be under the radar much longer.

Linebacker: ROLB Zach Brown
6 Tackles : 1 For Loss : 1 Interceptions for 40 yards : 3 Deflections : 1 Touchdown

The Redskins fall to 3-3 in their loss against the Cowboys this week. The Cowboys defense held the Redskins to just 3 field goals, with Zach Brown being the only reason why the Redskins saw double digit numbers.

Brown led the team in tackles with 6, deflected 3 passes, but most importantly took a pick six to the house, putting up the Redskins only touchdown of the night.

The Cowboys sit tied with the Giants at first in the NFC East at 4-2, with both of them sitting undefeated in divisional games. The Eagles still remain win less after 6 games.

Defensive Back: FS Sully Santos
4 Tackles : 1 Forced Fumble : 1 Interception for 1 Yard : 1 Deflection

There are always a few Safetys every week that I wish could make it to this list, as it's my favorite football position. However, Cornerbacks usually always have a better chance at making the big plays, and there were a few of them this week. However, Rookie Sully Santos' performance has earned another Safety a spot on this list, the first one since Week 1.

Santos was drafted early in the third round this season, the third FS off the board. He's had one great game against the Jaguars in week 2, where he intercepted a pass and deflected 3 passes, but since then hasn't done anything of note. Until now.

This performance doesn't compare to some of the games Cornerbacks have put up this season, but it's still an all around solid performance from a rookie safety in a week where Cornerback production was low.

Special Teams:

Kicker Returner: WR Marquise Goodwin
5 Returns : 256 Yards : 51.20 Average : 2 Touchdowns : 99 Long

The third year, 5'9" speeder is earning his 2.4 draft pick.

Marquise Goodwin gets to hang with Vikings Jospeh Randle and Cardinals Jahvid Best after this week, as they are the only three kick returners in the league to put up more than one touchdown so far this year, all three of them sharing the lead with 2 touchdowns. However, Goodwin is the only one who scored 14 points in just one game.

This is the second time Goodwin has done this, he did it last year as well against the Steelers in week 17. He's definitely a keeper.

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