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3 Trades That Should Happen, But Probably Won't
By Anthony Fernandez
Special to gzl-football.com

Deadline Dancing
3 Trades That Should Happen, But Probably Won't

Friday, October 10th, 2017
AF, GreenZone Media Committee

New Orleans Saints Trade::
1st Round Pick (ATL)
2nd Round Pick (GB)
3rd Round Pick (NE)

Cincinnati Bengals Trade::
QB Ryan Tannenhill
C Sedrick Strong

While looking for a home for Tannenhill, I came across a scary revelation... QB is a very loaded position in GZL. While it felt from a creation point that we were only adding one "stud" per year, quality GMs have used the progression system to turn the mid-tier QBs into talented starters as well. Hell, Ricky Stanzi and Colin Kaepernick are guys that spent time on my roster as backups just getting scrap points, and they are now worthwhile starters on two potential NFC Playoff teams. Jake Locker might have been a 3rd, had he not fractured his foot. Brady has held onto Tannenhill, despite open declarations that he is A.O.K. winning (but more regularly losing) with Johnny Fucking Football. The issue Mr. Tinnin may run into here is that there just aren't many teams that NEED a QB right now. In fact, most already have TWO QBs. There are a few teams with holdovers from the "old guard" of passers, but even those teams like Pittsburgh have already got a backup plan (Ryan Mallett) for when Big Ben rides off into the sunset. But there is always New Orleans. Jay Cutler has made the Saints better, but the playoffs are slipping away. Now might be a good time to bring in the successor, and give him all the reps and downs played to prepare for 2018. Mr. Sloat did a good job of leaving younger Goodman with many draft picks to play with. It would take a steep offer to pry Tannenhill away, but this move would set the Saints up nicely and still leave the Saints with their own pick in the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. Sedrick Strong is a guy who hasn't quite worked out, but the Saints have nothing at Center, so maybe you can sneak him into the trade and get a look-see, while the Bengals are financially obligated to roll with Leon Scott and his large bonus.

Houston Texans Trade::
1st Round Pick (HOU)
WR Jacoby Ford

Detroit Lions Trade::
WR Calvin Johnson

I have a feeling Tom may be completely "out" on the idea of moving Calvin now, despite adding him to the block last week. He caught some crap on the radio show, and few GMs are more concerned about the court of public opinion than Tom is. That said, I personally think moving Calvin Johnson would be the right move. He is already regressing, he really only has next year as an elite talent, and whatever is left of 2017. The Lions loss this week likely means they are out, so why not see what contenders are eager to give up loots. The Texans are a fringe team in the AFC playing in a division where they have no shot at winning. The Texans are almost a lock for a Wild Card team, but adding Calvin at the deadline could shake things up just enough to propel them to a Championship. And if not, Calvin has a reasonable contract and can stick around next year to try in a season when the Titans hopefully don't win 15 games. I personally think this is TOO MUCH to pay for Calvin, but the Texans have THREE 1st round picks, so why not?

Minnesota Vikings Trade::
HB Joseph Randle

New York Jets Trade::
1st Round Pick (OAK)

My search for fake trades led me to the conclusion that GZL is really hurting for starting RBs. Guys like Jacquizz Rodgers, Montee Ball, Anthony Dixon, Charles Sims, and Derrick Johnstone are all starters in this league. Why then do the fringe Vikings have TWO starting RBs on their roster? AC could keep the better in David Wilson, and move Randle for more than they ever should have got for him when they drafted him. He would take over for CHASE SULLIVAN in New York, and give the Jets a legit chance to catch the Dolphins in the sorry AFC East. The Jets have an extra 1st Round Pick, but might be ok waiting for the playoffs another year. I just think eight years is a long time to ask a city to wait for ONE playoff game.

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