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"Not the worst" Mock Draft (1-10) - 2018
By Nic St. Marie
Special to gzl-football.com

1.1. Colts - CB Trae Waynes.
The Colts have announced they are picking the 6'1" speedster. Not Richard Sherman, Waynes has a lot more DRC in him. Should be short speedster WRs worst nightmare, but Brandon Marshall types (Jags Jeff Fuller, Texans Caz Dudley) may be licking their chops.

1.2. Eagles HB Todd Gurley.
With young up and comers at so many defensive positions, they'll likely look to the offensive side of the ball to help McNabb. I see OL or WR as very likely picks here but I'm going to give McNabb a big, studly HB so the Eagles can shift towards a running and defensive team to give McNabb an easier situation to make big plays in.

1.3. Patriots - WR DeVante Parker.
What is wrong with the Patriots, who have barely won any games the past two seasons? They've shown a very strong front 7, a weaker secondary, and struggled to find the right offensive combination while possessing some talented players. The top of the secondary groups are weak, so this is a tough call, and OL could be the play, but I went with a complementary guy to CJ Washington, as Parker is a 6'3" athletic guy with good hands. Together they each bring elements of a possession WR and a deep threat, a tough duo for anyone to shut down.

1.4. Saints QB Nick Foles.
Cutler is 35. Some QB's retire at 35. Every season now is potentially his last. Foles is the best QB in the class, and as prepared as every elite QB before him. He could start this year, but will have the luxury of waiting.

1.5. Bengals WR Amari Cooper.
The Bengals are getting pretty talented, but really could use a field-stretching WR. Cooper would pretty quickly pass Hopkins as the most talented WR on the team, as a 6'1" speedster he can be a star.

1.6. Colts - OT Brandon Scherff.
The Colts will need to replace Brown at LT very soon, and Joseph at RT not long after. With so many high picks they might as well get a foundational piece of their offense here.

1.7. Dolphins OLB Shane Ray.
Tough to decide between Barr and Ray, depends on how much you care about height and hands vs SPD/ACC. Based on Harmon, their top 10 LB from a few years ago, I went with SPD/ACC for this pick.

1.8. Ravens - DT Leonard Williams.
Do the Ravens "need" anything? I considered mocking a power-back to be the thunder half of the backfield, and considered upgrading an OL. Instead, I'm guessing the Ravens go pure BPA and pick a guy that (based on Watt/Ngata) that will replace a vet pretty soon.

1.9. Seahawks - OLB Dante Fowler.
OLB, need! Sure, this is good.

1.10. Patriots OLB Anthony Barr.
Mayo is getting old, Jones is a terror on the edge. Barr brings all the skills of a MLB or edge rusher, and everything in between. Definitely a guy that adds to this front 7 at the right time.
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Green Zone League Articles

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