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Green Zone League Articles

Another Shot at the Top 10
By Tyler Richardson
Special to gzl-football.com

1.1 Colts - CB Trae Waynes - Not as elite as previous top CBs, but the position hasn't gotten any less important. The Colts could easily decide to go with a QB here, but with both Winston and Foles as 1st round prospects they can afford to pick one up later in the draft.

1.2 Eagles - OLB/DE Dante Fowler -Ultimately I think the Eagles will trade out of this pick to pick up more draft picks, but if they keep the pick I think drafting Fowler and moving him to DE would be a great choice for them. Fowler's AWR is a bit lacking, but that won't be as much of a problem for him at DE, and his athleticism stacks up very favorably to two former Top 6 picks, Bjoern Werner and Amos Houston.

1.3 Patriots - RT Bonaventure Royer -This is a hard pick to mock as the Patriots already have a good bit of talent spread around their team. One piece they are lacking is an elite OT, and while this route has failed them in the past (Leo Richards), I think it would be worthwhile for them to give it another shot. Some might see Brandon Scherff as the top OL in the class, but Royer's leg up in speed makes him a rare talent and the most talented OT in the class in my opinion.

1.4 Saints - QB Jameis Winston -The Saints could go a number of directions with this pick, but I think Jameis Winston is where the value meets their needs. Jeff Downey won a pair of super bowls in RZL with a high powered offense led by Joe Flacco, and Winston could be the start of something similar in GZL. The team does have Jay Cutler under contract, but he is very unpolished considering his massive contract and is aging as well.

1.5 Bengals - WR Amari Cooper -It's Johnny Football time in Cincinnati, but he is lacking in quality targets to throw to. Amari Cooper is fast, agile, strong, and a polished route runner with good hands. With some work in the off-season he could develop into one of the league's top deep threats.

1.6 Colts - QB Nick Foles -While I'm sure the Colts would have liked for Winston to fall to them here, Foles is almost as good of a prospect. There's certainly other areas they could address here, but they have plenty of other picks and there will be ample opportunity to address other needs later. They might as well get a top-flight QB to develop while they're busy rebuilding.

1.7 - Dolphins - DL Leonard Williams -It seems to be stated every year in mocks that Ben loves physical freaks, and with Williams he gets the biggest freak in the class. The only reason he has fallen this far is because he's listed as a DT and is not in the prototypical mold of a 4-3 LE. Realistically, though, he could play any spot on the DL. It will be up to Ben how he makes use of Williams, but in my opinion he lands the most talented player in the class here at 1.7.

1.8 - Ravens - HB Todd Gurley -The Ravens have a clear need at RB, and GM Joe Gaspar has been known to like to run the football. Gurley is a rather easy choice to mock here as he is great value as well.
Gurley should be able to find plenty of running room behind a line that opened up holes for Anthony Dixon.

1.9 - Seahawks - OT Brandon Scherff -As tempting as it was to mock OLB Shane Ray to the Seahawks here, OLB is simply not great value for a Top 10 pick, and the Seahawks seem very content with William Rogers at MLB. As a run-heavy team who clearly needs to learn how to protect Cam Newton, a top-tier OL makes perfect sense here. Drafting Scherff here would allow Cote to slide inside to OG while Scherff takes a season or two to develop at LT before moving to the right side of the line.

1.10 - Patriots - WR Ulysses Moore - - After drafting OT Royer earlier, the Patriots have the makings of a very good offense. All they need now is a good WR to take some of the attention away from CJ Washington who emerged last year as a premier playmaker. With Washington likely having a firm hold on the #2 spot, Moore, after some work in training camp, would complement him nicely as a more possession-oriented WR to man the #1 spot while still being able to beat teams deep. Odell Beckham would also be an option here of course, but would probably be more suited to the #2 spot.
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Green Zone League Articles

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