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Stanley Mock 1.0
By John Stanley
Special to gzl-football.com

Stanley Mock 1.0

1.1 - Indianapolis Colts - CB Trae Waynes, Michigan State

The Colts already announced their intentions to select Waynes with the 1st overall pick, so with the interest of being right I will put him here. While I don't think Waynes is the best player in the class, he is definitely in the upper tier of talent in this class and having the opportunity to pair him with standout CB Travis Murphy, the 3rd overall pick from 2015, is something the Colts can't pass up. Waynes is extremely athletic and has good size. While his strength leaves something to be desired personally, he can still be a very good player.

1.2 - Philadelphia Eagles - WR Amari Cooper, Alabama

The Eagles could go a number of different ways here, including trading out of the pick which is very possible, if not likely. But if they stick with the pick I like them to go somewhere on offense and I think taking potentially the best player in the draft in Amari Cooper would be a good way to go. Paring him up with Hankerson would give their young QB Malik McNabb some nice weapons to work with. We saw the impact a young, elite WR could have on an offense last year with Josh Gordon and while Cooper doesn't have the same size as Gordon, he is every bit as talented.

1.3 - New England Patriots - OT Brandon Scherff, Iowa

The Patriots don't really have many pressing needs to address with this pick, which is a nice position to be in. They could look to get a WR following the departure of Caz Dudley in RFA, but with Cooper gone the pick before, I don't know that another WR is worth a top 3 pick. Scherff would be a nice solid pick to add to the OL. He is athletic and polished and could play right away at either of the OT spots or even slide into OG if necessary. This is more of a luxury pick but with no major holes to fill, I think this a good investment.

1.4 - New Orleans Saints - QB Nick Foles, Arizona

Jay Cutler's time in New Orleans is coming to close and with the Saints currently in cap hell, new GM Jeff Downey is likely going to want to strip the team down and rebuild. What better way to do that then with a new face of the franchise and QB. Foles is for my money the best QB in the draft and a franchise QB at that. He has the size, smarts and arm strength and accuracy you look for in a young QB coming into the league and would be a nice building block for the Saints to start with as they reshape their roster.

1.5 - Cincinnati Bengals - WR Devante Parker, Louisville

While I don't necessarily think that Parker is worthy of a top 5 pick, he is a good fit here with the Bengals. The Bengals are pretty solid across the board and have no real glaring needs. The opportunity to pick up a potential #1 WR for young QB Johnny Manziel who struggled last year in his rookie season could be too much to pass up at this point in the draft. While both DeAndre Hopkins and A.J. Jenkins are good receivers, neither is a go-to, top flight weapon. Parker has the ability to develop into a #1 with time and would be a nice, big-bodied physical WR for Manziel to throw to.

1.6 - Indianapolis Colts - OT Bonaventure Royer, Georgia

After going CB with the 1st overall pick, the Colts come back with an OT here which I see as a pretty big need for them. Currently their starting OTs are 34 and 37 years old and while both can still compete this year they will need to be replaced sooner rather then later. Royer is every bit as good as Scherff picked above him at 1.4 and is a player that can become a 10-year starter at the RT position for a team. Royer would be a nice piece to build with on the line for new face of the franchise Ryan Tannehill.

1.7 - Miami Dolphins - OLB Dante Fowler, Florida

Fowler is a really nice player and a nice fit for the Dolphins who have a need at the OLB position. Fowler can rush the passer effectively and also has the athleticism to drop and cover. He was one of the best defenders in the country at the University of Florida and would stay in state here with the Dolphins, teaming up with Hugh Harmon, K.J. Wright and Shyronne Mills to form a solid group of LBs in Miami.

1.8 - Baltimore Ravens - HB Todd Gurley, Georgia

The Ravens don't necessarily "need" anything here, but RB could be an area they look to address and Gurley is the best RB in the draft. He has good size, speed and strength and could make an immediate impact for the Ravens next year giving them a new element to their offense. Flacco is on the trade block, so Gurley could step in and become the new centerpiece of the offense if they decide to move on from Flacco.

1.9 - Seattle Seahawks - OLB Shane Ray, Missouri

Something tells me that the Seahawks probably aren't taking an OLB here but they have a major hole there currently and Ray out of Missouri is a really good player. He has been one of the better pass rushers in the SEC going on two seasons now and if he makes the move to GZL it should be no different. He'd be a nice fit in Seattle if they decided to go this way.

1.10 - New England Patriots - WR Odell Beckham, LSU

I had the Patriots going with an OT with their first pick, and this time around I have them going WR with Odell Beckham. They need to find a replacement at some point for Caz Dudley and Beckham is one of the top WR in the draft. He is similar in a lot of ways to Tampa Bay star Ryan Broyles and would make for a nice pairing with current #1 C.J. Washington in New England.
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Green Zone League Articles

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