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"Not much better" Mock Draft (11-21) - 2018
By Nic St. Marie
Special to gzl-football.com

1.11. Jets - OG Zack Martin.
The Jets really are starting to look talented. They likely go BPA, but one area they could choose to improve at is speed at guard for Lattimore who has some speed himself. Zach has strength, great athleticism, and very good blocking skills for a rookie.

1.12. Texans WR Odell Beckham Jr.
I almost projected a tackle to replace Brown soon, but decided a more immediate contributed would be the BPA here. Beckham Jr. is an instant top slot WR, and good enough to play outside. His polish and leaping ability make him more than just a 5'11" burner, as he'll get great separation and fight for the ball over taller CBs.

1.13. 49ers - OG Bonaventure Royer.
The 49ers love the name and the feet. Bonaventure is fast enough to stay ahead of Sims and get to the second level, and has real good AWR too.

1.14. Rams LT Andrus Peat.
Does it feel like too many OL are going? Maybe, but this really is the strength of the first round. The Rams are an All-Star team, but one price is literally, the price per player. Getting a stud OL to replace an older guy that costs like a stud OL would be super-useful. Peat is a hell of a tackle.

1.15. Broncos WR Ulysses Moore.
The Broncos don't have a lot of needs, maybe front 7 is the other area they'll look. But Perez will need a running mate in a year when Bowe gets to be too slow. Moore is stylistically a great complement to Perez, but has one fatal flaw, inconsistent hands. Giving him a developmental year behind Bowe helps with that a lot, and Moore projects as a star.

1.16. Chargers - OG Arie Kouandjio.
Chargers like their HB situation, and while WR is getting thing I personally like Dobson to start next to Allen. So I'm skipping skill position and benefiting all of them. This is another big, strong, fast OL with good development.

1.17. Cowboys CB Micah Price.
Cowboys are in a very BPA place. You might not trust me to truly put the best player available here, but Price has as strong an argument as any. Not Richard Sherman, he's more like Brandon Browner, a LB in CB's clothing. He's gonna be a force in this league.

1.18. Texans - MLB Benardrick McKinney.
This one got tough. Outside of OLB, what do the Texans really need? I'm slotting McKinney as a move to ROLB, where his height, AWR, tackling, and athleticism will be very good. They could also go with LE Gregory and move him to OLB, but he's much further behind in tackling and AWR, skills really needed in a 4-3.

1.19. Buccaneers - HB Jeremy Hill.
Do I think Hill could fall this far? Probably not. But if so, the Buccaneers just found a great replacement for Blount. There are other BPA candidates, like DT Shelton or Randy Gregory but this is pretty much a lock in this fictional mock draft.

1.20. Vikings DT Danny Shelton.
Vikings would have loved to get Hill, but rather than get a lessor back they shift to Shelton, a good athlete with power and awareness. The total package without being a freak at any one thing, Shelton will be a pro bowler in this league.

1.21. Dolphins Trade.
LE Randy Gregory

Clearly I've screwed up, as the first best rush DE isn't dropping to 1.21. But if he does, some team trades a future 1st and a future 3rd to the Dolphins for this pick and gets him. Gregory isn't a top ten rusher in the league as a rookie, but he's within reach of developing into a top guy.
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