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Are You Mocking Me?!
By Garth Pearce
Special to gzl-football.com

1.01 - CB Trae Waynes
I don't think we need to even discuss this, unless of course Arnold is pulling our leg?

1.02 - DT Leonard Williams
Philly could go many ways here, including trading down if they can find a suitor without enough value, another wide out to give McNabb two quality targets, a talented running back, outside linebacker or even a QB, but I feel they bolster their defense with the best player in the draft. Williams can then be used either inside with Ron Green or shifted outside to edge rush or give the Eagles the option to become a 3-4 team.

1.03 - OLB Shane Ray
I feel the Patriots were after Williams here too, looking to give themselves one of the toughest D-Lines in the game. Instead they have to face the reality that many mocks were close and their glaring needs at WR and OT are filled. . .or not. Mayo has regressed to a reliable, but ultimately slow speed and they need some rejuvenation. Jarvis Jones could be the man to move inside and Ray can go opposite Shazier on the edge or he could be a MLB from day 1.

1.04 - QB Nick Foles
Cutler seems to be heading out for peanuts or the unemployment line, which gives us the QB quandary in New Orleans on who they take between Winston and Foles. My bet is on Foles because of his extra height and awareness over Winston, but either way they get the long term solution at quarterback that the team has been crying out for over the past few years.

1.05 - HB Jeremy Hill
Tampa was hoping for Williams here too as with their move to a 3-4 he'd be a monster DE in that setup, but instead they have to settle for another need in HB to replace Blount. Hill has the more comparable size to Blount which makes him a better fit for the Bucs system over Gurley, not to mention his top level hands already. However we all know the AF drafts BPA so this is completely open to who is available by this point.

1.06 - WR Amari Cooper
The Colts line up 4 deep with an eye on Williams as a playmaker for their 3-4 but instead get a quality target for newcomer Tannenhill to throw to. They do have the speedsters in Wright and Linde already, so it may be a possibility they up the ante with a taller target like Moore or Parker, however I don't think that would be value here.

1.07 - OLB Dante Fowler
With Ogletree not resigned this year the needs in Miami look to be WR and OLB. They would've been hard pressed to pass on Williams had he fallen here (another 3-4 team), but instead they give their defense a leg up with Fowler. He has great size and strength to play OLB as he has the skill set to be a 4-3 DE too, which fits nicely with what the Dolphins want in a LB.

1.08 - HB Todd Gurley
You're kidding me, another team who thought Williams was a good fit for them and a likely chance to fall to number 8!? At least he would've stayed inside to fill the hole left by Ngata's release. Joe doesn't seem big on the HB's in this draft to fill a massive void, but how could you pass up on the skills that Gurley brings as a rookie? A DT like Shelton would be an inferior option with this pick and they may be more tempted to get OT Scherff or OG Martin here if they really think a back isn't worth it.

1.09 - OLB Anthony Barr
I'm sure Seattle would have taken a chance on DT Williams if he was still here like many mocks had it, but he's going to go early so they actually have to draft for a real need. They could add DE Gregory here to play RE and give some top end speed to the front 4, but I don't think he's the type of RE for Nic. Barr solidifies their linebackers who is at least 1 man short of the full complement no matter you use Mario.

1.10 - WR Ulysses Moore
A tough call here as the Pats are still in need of another receiver and an offensive tackle, but I think taking a receiver is the better choice, the question is which one? Beckham Jr has the speed, Moore the height and Parker a bit more polish over Moore for -1 inch, but I feel that Matt is a height man judging by the previous picks of Bender in the secondary and Dudley as a receiver. Moore will grow in to a damaging receiver, more so if Matt Ryan gets the start over the next few years.

1.11 - WR DeVante Parker
Greg just missed out on his awesome naming pairing with Ulysses Moore, but instead get a more polished receiver in Parker to learn from Louis Murphy and slot in nicely with Drogan at a time when Higgins will be in full flight. They also have a need at MLB with English getting slower but there are no worthwhile targets at this point in the draft.

1.12 - CB Micah Price
They've just lost one half of their powerful corner duo due to old age and it's not Dre Hall's place to take over. Price has nice height and good awareness to start day one, even if his hands are like lead and need a huge amount of work over the years. Other options could be Ekpre-Olomu for more speed at a loss of height, or even Kyle Fuller for a more balanced approach that can grow into top end speed. If one of the top 3 linebackers was still available here I could see Paul tempted to bring one in, otherwise he could consider OT's Schreff or Royer to solidify the RT spot and give Irving a chance to succeed.

1.13 - CB William Nguyen
They are short 2 out of 5 offensive linemen and need another OLB, but I think the greatest need is another starting corner. Nguyen has enough height, speed, smarts, hands and jump to succeed in this league and give Taylor long term support in the secondary. Fuller or Oliver Smith could be options for a different approach, however their injury or toughness ratings are a liability until worked on in camp

1.14 - DE Randy Gregory
Hard to make this pick for a talented team that hasn't lost any significant pieces this off season, but how could they pass up on the best pass rusher in the draft here? They've experimented with a big man line but their trade block suggests that time is over as Gregory can bring the sting back into their pass rush to complement Houston on the left and Richardson + Fairley up the middle.

1.15 - WR Odell Beckham Jr
Any one of a number of receivers could fall here, depending on tastes of each GM, but right now Beckham Jr looks like he could terrorize the AFC West for more then a decade with his speed and already established catching ability. Other options could be a top quality OT to replace their other RFA blunder loss, but free agency may be the biggest factor in what the Broncos pick here.

1.16 - OT Basil Schreff
The Chargers would be ecstatic if Schreff falls this far, which is highly unlikely, however he's a perfect fit for their o-line and a QB that has had trouble staying healthy over the years. Royer or Peat are also quality options if Schreff is gone, however consideration could be made for a wide receiver if the right player is still in the pool by this point.

1.17 - OT Bonaventure Royer
If Gurley or Hill fell this far they'd be tempted to nab them up, or they consider if TJ Yeldon or Melvin Gordon is worth the pick and fits the 'Boys system. With Collins likely moving inside this frees up an important spot at the tackles for the talent of Royer to slot in straight away. Fluker should slide right to give him the best learning chance in his early years.

1.18 - OT Andrus Peat
With their second pick the Texans can fill another need and solidify their line behind Peat. It's really only 3 points in acceleration that drops him to third on the list of OTs as he has the same sort of attributes as Schreff and Royer otherwise and is great value at this point. If they could find a viable OLB option here it could be worthwhile, but only if it was one of the top 3 prospects.

1.19 - BPA
I'm not going to bother mocking this one as AF will surely pick best available talent by now, which could end up being Winston because he's there even though the QB market is dead. AF rarely needs players, it's more what he wants or thinks is great value.

1.20 - OT Ja'Wuan James
Joeckel is out via FA bidding so a new tackle is needed, but is James the right fit here? Physically he's right up their in this class but he lacks the polish of the other rated players. There seems to be at both offensive tackle spots and he'd start the process of filling it without making a worthless pick.
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