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Average Mock Draft Top 10
By Keith Van Wagner
Special to gzl-football.com

This year we've had 7 mock draft published (8 if you count my first mock, which I don't, because it had Odell Beckham, Jr. #1 and I immediately revised it).

The consensus seems to be that the most wide-open draft in awhile. Sure, some favorites for the top have emerged, but there's a much greater amount of variety in the picks than we are used to. So how will things shake out? I've put together an 'Average' mock draft Top 10, based on what's been posted.

For the record, only 3 players have made each of the 7 drafts. Trae Waynes is the only certainty, as the Colts have made their intentions clear. Only OT Brandon Scherff and Amari Cooper appear on the other drafts.

How did I calculate this? Without getting into too much detail, for players who appeared on fewer than 7 mocks, for averaging purposes I assigned a draft position. If a player appeared in 6 mocks, he got a better draft position assigned than if a player appeared in 4 mocks. Highly unscientific, but it is what it is.

So with that in mind, here's the Top 10.

1. CB Trae Waynes (1.00 avg)
2. WR Amari Cooper (3.43)
3. OT Brandon Scherff (6.14)
4. HB Todd Gurley (7.57)
5. DT Leonard Williams (8.71)
6. OLB Shane Ray (8.86)
7. QB Nick Foles (9.43)
8. OT Bonaventure Royer (9.71)
9. WR Odell Beckham, Jr. (9.86)
10. DE RandyGregory (14.14)

For what it's worth, there have been 18 different players projected to go in the Top 10. So something's gotta give! Should be interesting to see!
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Green Zone League Articles

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