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Are You Mocking Me?! The Rest
By Garth Pearce
Special to gzl-football.com

Because you guys wanted it so bad, here's the rest of the 1st round:

1.21 - OG Zach Martin
The Dolphins still need a wide out to replace Ogletree but the value here is just not worth it. Instead they add a missing link in the o-line with the best guard in the draft with Martin. He's as athletically skilled as any of the offensive tackles taken before him, but just comes in an un-sexy position for drafting.

1.22 - OC Reese Dismukes
Un-sexy following un-sexy, centre is never highly sought after in the first round, but the Saints lack a lot of o-line and DIsmukes has athleticism, smarts and blocking skills to slot in right away. Until Jeff blows up the squad we can't say for sure what his other solid needs are, but with the value at this point in the draft he could otherwise go for OG Zebedee or Alexander or take a punt on a shorter receiver or corner. Otherwise lining up Malcolm Jenkins replacement at safety could have Gerod Hollimon or Landon Collins on their radar.

1.23 - DT Danny Shelton
They've got 1 tackle on the roster and can't miss on Shelton at this point. He's big, strong and mobile which is what you need from these guys and will look good alongside Nix. The other option is a real pass rusher for the right end in Ben Powell or Collin Kilpatrick to replace the useful, yet unremarkable Rivera.

1.24 - WR Brandin Cooks
They finally fill the wide receiver need here with burner Cooks. He's 5'10 and in the mould of a DeShaun Jackson or Donnie Avery and can start out in the slot while he improves before eventually taking over from Lockette. DeMarco Mann is a taller option for less speed if that's more their style, or Andy Bloom if they don't mind a bit more work to get him up to standard for a 6'2" target.

1.25 - DE Ben Powell
They need a starting calibre right end and Powell gives them a good combination of speed and strength for the position, even if he needs to bulk up in camp. They could also look at an guard here like Zebedee or Alexander if that's their preference. Honestly there aren't big holes in the Bills' lineup and quite a few players could fit in for them at this pick.

1.26 - CB Kyle Fuller
Fuller won't be expected to start from day 1, so the Raiders have time to improve his toughness to GZL standard without fear of losing an important piece during the year. He's athletically impressive and will have a very high ceiling across the board, not to mention decent smarts and hands. Again a offensive guard is an option here, or a wide receiver.

1.27 - OG Oliver Zebedee
Without moving this pick for their star upgrade, the Titans can fill a void at RG with an athletic stud to compliment OT Williams. Only his strength and weight make him a lesser prospect than Martin at the position and the Titans will be well serve by his addition.

1.28 - QB Derek Carr
Chicago is in desperate need of an OLB, but there really are none worth taking here unless they stretch on Matt Burton. Carr gives them a developmental backup to Klein, a position they felt the pain in during the Super Bowl after Klein was knocked out. His injury rating can be worked on in the shadows to make him more resilient but at least he's there as an insurance policy.

1.29 - OG Vadal Alexander
The most athletic and capable lineman left in the pool, he'd likely move to OT to stem the bleeding of sacks Johnson and Saffold allowed last year. Other options would be Bruno Smith or Shawn Oakman for a solid right end.

1.30 - OG Arie Kouandjio
He can take one of many positions on the line and fills a big need in San Fran. A very similar player to Alexander taken before he moves well, has good strength and can block for the run well already. Could also see Melvin Gordon or TJ Yeldon going here for a more rounded running option over Sims.

1.31 - QB Blake Bortles
Bortles already outdoes Hester on arm strength and accuracy and would be the heir apparent to the Stafford throne when his time is up. DE Kilpatrick could be another option here to take over from veteran Mathias on the right end, otherwise I'd say they take Kelvin Benjamin to understudy Megatron.

1.32 - HB Melvin Gordon
Derrick Johnstone had his ups and downs last year and his injury took a toll on the teams' performance, so depth here wouldn't be a bad start. Even if Johnstone continues to start, Gordon gives them a different option and insurance with more polished physical skills. Option B could see the first MLB go off the board with McKinney or Perryman coming in to replace the aging Lawrence Timmons.
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Green Zone League Articles

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