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2018 GZL Mock Draft- Top 16
By Neal Wintermute
Special to gzl-football.com

2018 GZL Mock Draft

- CB-Trae Waynes- 6'1", 96 SPD, 66 AWR, 92 AGI, 95 ACC- There's no drama here since the Lions have already declared there pick.

1.2--LT-Brandon Scherff- 62 SPD, 94 STR, 73 AWR, 68 AGI, 82 ACC, 85 PBK, and 86 RBK- The Eagles will look to address their offensive line in this draft with the best OL available.

1.3-- WR-Amari Cooper- 6'1", 95 SPD, 66 STR, 70 AWR, 94 AGI, 94 ACC, and 81 CTH- The Patriots add their future #2 WR who is an above average WR with good speed and acceleration.

1.4-- LT-Bonaventure Royer- 68 SPD, 93 STR, 68 AWR, 64 AGI, 82 ACC, 84 PBK, and 85 RBK- The Saints GM build a dynasty in the RZL on a great offensive line, my guess is that he continues that approach here.

1.5-- HB-Jeremy Hill- 6'1", 238 lbs., 90 SPD, 75 STR, 92 ACC, 90 CAR, and 85 BTK- If he is here this is an easy decision for the Bucs. They need a franchise RB and they get there guy. Hill is the best available RB in this draft.

1.6-- DT-Leonard Williams- 75 SPD, 92 STR, 75 AGI, and 85 ACC- The Raiders don't have a lot of glaring needs, so I think they take Williams who is a monster along the DL.

1.7-- LOLB-Shane Ray- 6'3", 245 lbs., 86 SPD, 73 STR, 84 AGI, and 88 ACC- Ray is an elite OLB who would be a great fit in Miami.

1.8-- HB-Todd Gurley- 92 SPD, 74 STR, 89 AGI, 90 ACC, 85 CAR, and 84 BTK- I'm sure the Ravens would prefer Hill here, but Gurley will still be a franchise back.

1.9-- LOLB-Anthony Barr- 6'5", 255 lbs., 85 SPD, 74 STR, 63 AWR, 82 AGI, 83 ACC, and 82 TAK- Barr is a step below Ray, but Barr is still elite.

1.10-- LT-Andrus Peat- 64 SPD, 93 STR, 67 AWR, 66 AGI, 79 ACC, 86 PBK, and 85 RBK- The Patriots need OL help and Peat should provide it. This is a deep draft class for OL so the Patriots will benefit at #10.

1.11-- LOLB-Dante Fowler- 84 SPD, 79 STR, 59 AWR, 81 AGI, 84 ACC, and 83 TAK- I'm not sure where the Jets go here, but they do need a couple of LB's.

1.12-- WR-Odell Beckum Jr.- 5'11", 97 SPD, 55 STR, 66 AWR, 96 AGI, 96 ACC, and 84 CTH- The Texans could go a couple of ways here, but Beckum would be a nice upgrade at the slot receiver position.

1.13-- CB-Ifo Ekpre-Olomu- 96 SPD, 70 AWR, 97 AGI, and 93 ACC- The 49ers could use some help in the secondary. Ekpre-Olomu has some good speed plus the AWR to step in immediately.

1.14-- FS-Landon Collins- 6'0", 93 SPD, 70 STR, 72 AWR, 94 ACC, 66 CTH, 96 JMP, and 74 TAK- He's a perfect fit for the Rams if he gets this far.

1.15-- WR-Ulysses Moore- 6'4", 91 SPD, 69 STR, 91 ACC, and 96 JMP.- Moore is the prototypical big WR that the Broncos will start immediately.

1.16-- LG-Zack Martin- 67 SPD, 95 STR, 72 AWR, 63 AGI, 80 ACC, 85 PBK, and 80 RBK- Martin would be a steal for the Chargers if they got him at 16.

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