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The GZL still lives: Mock draft 1.0 - (PM edition 1-10)
By Nic St. Marie
Special to gzl-football.com

So...the 2019 Draft is staring us in the face. Although the RZL appears to have died, it lives on in a fashion through this league, and another crop of rookies has appeared. I haven't done one of these this earlier before, so I know the picks will change hands (and may have already, but I'm starting with the first 10 rounds so I can get some sleep, before I continue sometime during this second week of my vacation.

Hold onto your butts...

1.1 49ers: LE Owa Odighizuwa

The 49ers are sitting in the top 3 once again, and have nearly every important position filled with talented youngsters. QB, WR, CB. I consider OL too boring to predict as a 1.1 so I'm going pass rush here. Nearly as good as their best already, he'll soon be a premiere sack artist in this league.

1.2 Dolphins: WR Devin Funchess

I nearly went OL here as well, but with Lockette maybe on his way out I see another big talented WR on his way in. Raw, but less so than DGB, Funchess will be a deep ball nightmare for the Dolphins and Opponents alike for his first couple of years. After that, the league will hate him and Miami will love him.

1.3 Colts: WR Dorial Green-Beckham

I doubt this sequence would happen, these two WRs are too raw, but the Colts have a lot of strengths away from here. If they stay here, I have to expect AJ Green's successor has a good chance of being selected here. DGB can be physically a weird cross between Julio Jones (taller, stronger than) and Calvin Johnson (...weaker than) and that is a scary thought.

1.4 Vikings: CB Buford McKay

The Vikings may just be the team that lands one of the two sliding CBs. McKay is essentially the next Richard Sherman, but stronger? Sign me up.

1.5 Browns: CB Hunter Hill

It's pretty unrealistic to mock Hill at 5, but that's how it shakes out in this here imaginary land. Hill has a step on McKay in agility, and better hops, but not quite the hitter and of course an inch makes a difference. Ask the Browns if they'll still take him though; oh baby, yes!

1.6 Falcons: HB Cubby Williams

The Falcons have a lot of nice pieces. And an old star HB. Cubby brings a lot of the same strengths (backup that feels like the starter) and also his own (literally, strength) just in the nick of time. I also like his hands, so he'll drop a smaller percentage of his 15-25 catches when he's a starter.

1.7 Eagles: LT La'el Collins

The Eagles have a lot of their young talent from the past few drafts, but are short on young talent on the OL. That may be by design (protect McNabb) but Collins is not far from being a stud himself. And he'll be a huge asset in the run game immediately, just with his athleticism.

1.8 Packers: MLB Brick Baylor

I'm tempted to mock them Mariota with how underwhelming Clausen has been for this otherwise stacked team. But I'm going with my gut. The middle of the Packers defense may not need it's last "Brick" but he'll complete the monster set!

1.9 Cardinals: DE Bud Dupree

I looked at many positions for the Cards, mostly on defense. But I'm settling on a near peer for the first overall in this mock in Dupree to add a lot to this middle of the road defensive front 7. Dupree is good enough to be a top 5 pick most years, including this one and is a steal at 1.9.

1.10 Bears: DE Zeus Bryant

The Bears DL is great, but I'm feeling Bryant to play opposite Clowney and add some strength and athleticism to the right side of their defensive line. Zeus is not quite the pass rusher that Aaron Donald is but stylistically is very similar to him. DE in the 3-4, DE in the 4-3, 4-3 DT, 3-4 OLB, he can bring it in all of those positions. As a starter.
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