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Playoff Team Mock Draft 2019
By Tom Riddell
Special to gzl-football.com


I decided to do something Different a playoff Team Mock Draft
I'm going to do Every Team that Made the Playoffs
Thier 1st pick of the draft
where it be Phins at pick 1.2 or Titans at 5.26

Round 1 Pick 2 CB Commodore Bell

With The Phins Love Fast Tall Strong Defence Backs Bell is 6.1 and Fits there Proifle .

Round 1 pick 8 QB :Doug Eriksson
The Packers Have very good Starter in Clausen but at 31
They could use another ballaced or Pocket passer
He could sit and be brought up slowly and start next year.

Round 1 Pick .11 OLB Scottie Powers
Loaded with Tallent from Top to Bottom AF Like to Stack Tallent
Powers is 6'3 240 Pounds Raw but I feel could be huge asset in 2 years.

Round 1 pick 13 :LB Brick Baylor

The Once mighty Steel Curtain is need upgrading
He'll Remind People of Steel Great Jack Lambert
The Steelers our known for being Tough in the middle
This Kid Chews Nails for Breakfast.

Round 1 pick 21 :OG Octavius Warren

The Saints QB where sacked 24 Times last year
Bring in Warren at OG or OT could be huge upgrade

Round 1 pick 23 :OC Cameron Erving
The Raiders Have all Star Nick Mangold at OC But He getting up Age
Erving would be steel here for Oakland. and Mangold could mentor his replacement.

Round 1 pick 25 :CB Hunter Hill -
The Redskins have good Secondary but Morris is getting old
Adding the 6'2 Hill to play Nickle will only help.

Round 1 pick 28: LB Luke Papadopoulos

This late in Draft Papadopoulos is nice pickup .
with Sean Weatherspoon Not being resigned this could be the pick.

Round 1 pick 29 :WR Gavin Szabo
The Broncos have good depth so this was hard
Szabo has size at 6'2 and could brought along slowly

Round 1 pick 32: QB Marcus Mariota
What do get Team that has everything Including a League Title.
A QB who's Change of Pace
The Rams are Shopping Back up Rogers so this makes Since .

Round 2 pick 22: QB Brett Hundley

The Lions Have Traded there 1st round pick almost every year Under GM Tom Riddell
Next year They'll have 1st 2nd and 3rd round to start a rebuild in Detroit But this year is about Depth for next year
Hundley gives the Depth at QB and QB Battle in Camp

Round 5 pick 26 :OT Carlos Cuevas

The Titans don't any high picks
this just a shot in the dark
Could moved to G and be good depth

This article is entertainment purposes only
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