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Let's Mock It: Top 10 v1.0
By Garth Pearce
Special to gzl-football.com

With a swathe of trading just completed and the match eligible free agency drawing to an end we can take a shot at how the picks will be made in the upcoming draft at this point:

1.1 - CB Angel Rosario
The Bucc make the big move to get into the #1 spot again and it's a no brainer that they'll be picking out of the corner pull again. There just isn't any other reason to jump so high unless you want the best of the bunch, and that is only from the corners. Some might think Buford McKay is the prime talent at this position, but just ask look at the output from the 6'5" Ambellino who the Buccs already have and you'll see that they're creaming over having a monopoly of 6'5" corners in this league, especially one that can top out at 93 SPD/AGI and 92 ACC. This gives the Buccs the real "Twin Towers" defense.

1.2 - MLB Brick Baylor
With no takers on the second pick, the second best team in the league has the luxury of taking whoever they feel is the greatest impact player in the draft. Right now that feels like Baylor to replace KJ Wright and add even more skill to this 3-4 setup. No, the 'Phins are not short of a corner (with Booker, Slay and Gilbert) to warrant picking Buford McKay, they don't need a pass rushing DE like Odighizuwa, although they could use an OT like La'el Collins (after not resigning Jake Long) or a towering wide out like Devin Fuchess (though 6'3" Matthews and 6'4" Moore are decent youngsters).

1.3 - WR Kevin White
The Pack would've loved Baylor here to understudy the aging Cushing but miss out by one and instead take the all round quality of White to bolster an aging receiver corps. Whilst the pure height of Funchess or DGB are enticing, their raw skill set (hands mainly) make them a tough pick so early, whilst White can become a 6'3" 95 SPD/ACC threat in very short order. His catching ability already makes him a viable starter and won't be letting the uninspiring Clausen down more then he already does himself.

1.4 - CB Buford McKay
If McKay dropped this far the Vikings would be in heaven, replacing an aging Derek Cox with one of the best players ever seen at this position. He is solid across every attribute and has already been totted as the next Richard Sherman in physical skills. 6'3", potential 96 SPD corners are an extreme rarity and gold in any draft. If McKay didn't make it to here I could see any number of corners taken in his stead (Hill, DuPree, Carter, Peters).

1.5 - DE Owa Odighizuwa
The Bears may have been hoping Rosario would be here for them to snap up after he's missed a lot of attention in previous media ratings, but as for most that's a pipe dream. With no RE on roster they actually become spoilt for choice with any pick from the entire defensive end class. They could go with the added strength of Zeus Bryant, but how could they pass up a foil to Clowney on the left then with Odighizuwa? Not the same level of freak that Clowney is, Owa has plenty of speed an strength to begin with and can be developed into a defensive specialist in his own right in short order

1.6 - HB Cubby Williams
The Falcons have struggled making catches down the field in recent years and could be temtpted to add another 6'5 receiver to stand some chance matching up against the Buccaneers twin towers in the passing game, but I feel getting the quality of Williams added to the roster to replace Fannin. Funnily enough, Cubby already has the same level of carry and break tackle that Fannin only achieved after a career in Atlanta, plus superior strength, so the running game could be in for a solid pick up in the next few years.

1.7 - DE Bud Dupree
Having advertised most of their starting D-Line on the trade block this off season, one could imagine the Eagles looking to add a few new pieces here and Dupree would be a good fit to replace the release Super Mario. He'll bring the same sort of rush Williams had and is very close in skills to Odighizuwa, making him a nice pick. The Eagles have plenty of holes to fill and could go with anything at this pick, including OT La'el Collins, WRs Funchess and DGB, CBs Hill and DuPree, or DT Waters.

1.8 - WR Devin Funchess
With AJ Green an aging star and the rest of the receivers light on for all round talent, Funchess brings some big skills to Indy, even if they won't be realised right away. This may be a bit of a conflict when you consider Terrelle Pryor is still finding his way as a signal caller, but if these two grow together they'll have a long and successful career once the growing pains are passed. They could also go with DE Zeus Bryant to help supercharge their 3-4 defense, add MLB Trinidad Walker to fill the void left by Navarro Bowman or OLB Fernando George to do the same now Lawrence Wilson was cut.

1.9 - CB Hunter Hill
With Toler gone and Carroll holding out (and not optioning to pay him) the Cardinals have an empty cupboard at corner and can finally fill a problem position they've been neglecting with Hill. At 6'2" he gives a height options and his potential 95 SPD/AGI/ACC matches him up nicely against most deep threats as well and will become the #1 corner in Arizona from day 1. If Adarsh wants more speed at the expense of height then Emerson DuPree would be an equally beneficial fit at corner, and he could strongly MLB Walker to give some real skill to lead the defense.

1.10 - WR Dorial Green-Beckham
When you've got a 6'8" rocket launcher feeding your receivers you need someone who can take advantage of that delivery downfield and DGB will do just that. At 6'5" he stands above 99% of corners and will eventually top out at 95 SPD. He's pretty raw in AWR and CTH right now but his future is promising under the right tutelage. If Paul feels that those stats don't give him enough return now he could tone down the size and go with Jaelen Strong, a 6'3" who can end with the same sort of speed but has much superior AWR and CTH to begin with. With the loss of Brad Edwards via FA this also becomes a must fill position, even if he likes the options at CB, OT, LB, DT or DE.
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