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Green Zone League Articles

Let's Mock It 11-20 v1.0
By Garth Pearce
Special to gzl-football.com

1.11 - CB Emerson DuPree
After trading down from 1.01 the 49ers get a chance to add multiple players to help lift their game out of the doldrums. None come at a higher need then corner as they've got Jamar Taylor and then a big gap to backup level. DuPree gives blistering speed in a 6'0" frame and is fairly polished in AWR (67) and CTH (66) for a rookie, making him quite capable to start and influence from day one. Aside from corner, with the upgrade in the passing game their plenty of opportunity to draft OT Collins to keep Smith upright to make use of his weapons seems the next logical choice to make here.

1.12 - WR Jaelen Strong
Sanchez is short on quality targets and Strong gives a nice option to become Dez Bryant's heir apparent. At 6'3" he has nice size whilst his speed can reach 95 in a few short years and he has impressive awareness at 72 already. His hands need a little work but he is a solid choice. The 'Boys may also see SS Hackett worthwhile to take here at another position, but not likely.

1.13 - MLB Trinidad Walker
A couple of options are available at MLB but I feel Walker gives the best combination of speed and strength, even if his acceleration is borderline atm. With no-one worthy in the middle at this stage this would be a great position to fill after Timmons was let go. With age having finally caught up with the Steelers they have plenty of positions they could fill here and could even go DT Waters, DT Brown, OLB George or OT Collins.

1.14 - OT La'el Collins
With Josh Freeman in the house and a definite passing threat on the cards the Bengals would be a solid bet to add Collins for better protection of their main asset. Collins has a great set of athletic skills to meet the needs of any tackle position and has a developed sense of awareness and blocking skills to be a day one starter. OG Sambrailo may also be an option for protection.

1.15 - OLB Fernando George
This is one of the tougher calls to make as there is a fair amount of talent on the Texans roster, but I feel they have a bitser approach to their outside linebackers and could do with solidifying this position with a fully talented player like George. His speed and acceleration can get to elite levels (89) and he has enough awareness and tackle to get the job done (a guy like Scottie Powers has great speed but can't tackle). They could possibly upscale their pass rush by adding Zeus Bryant to play RE as well.

1.16 - OT Ereck Flowers
They've filled their vacant RE and now fill the hole left by Chris Williams' departure with Flowers as the new RT. This is a toss up between Flowers and Clemmings I feel as both bring a very similar skill set that has only strength and acceleration separating them for choice.

1.17 - OG Ty Sambrailo
The Giants would love to add a decent receiver here as their aging collection has mostly walked out the door, but as there are none of the prime targets left they'll settle with the best guard to help Kaepernick. With Brandon Albert also holing out they may take the scraps of the Flowers/Clemmings choice above (not a bad set of scraps) instead to solidify the end of the line first.

1.18 - WR Willie Williams
With Louis Murphy not getting a resign the Jets are another prime candidate for a wide receiver, however they actually go with the speed option of Williams to compliment Drogan's size. Williams can easily reach 99 across the board and at 5'11" is big enough to get the job done. His strength and awareness may be a bit low but if his game revolves around streaking down the field he'll be a tough man to catch.

1.19 - DE Zeus Bryant
The Patriots are missing one piece on their superstar D-line and Bryant fills that void nicely. He has great size and strength for any defensive formation and with a little work can up his speed to a respectable 82 and up his pass rushing game to the next level. An offensive lineman like Flowers, Clemmings or Sambrailo would also be a good fit here.

1.20 - HB Curtis Saldi
Giovani Bernard has never really gotten the job done in Cincinnati and Saldi brings the change of style that may just be the thing to kick start a potent offense into a valid ground attack. At 242 lbs he's a pure bruiser back to steam roll opponents for those crucial yards. His lack of top end speed, agility and acceleration negate his ability to do a whole lot on the ground, but combined with the newly acquired Josh Freeman it's time for a new era in town.
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Green Zone League Articles

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