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Mock, Yeah! Ing, Yeah! Draft, Yeah! - 2019 Edition
By Greg Wendel
Special to gzl-football.com

Despite the terrible title, we're about a week out from the draft. Of course, that means it's prime time for everyone to fall in and out of love with various draftees and move up and down accordingly throwing everyone's mocks off completely.

Credit to Nic and Garth for their early mocks and Nic's 'Elite Athletes' write ups. I've done a lot of scouting myself but I'd be lying if I said I didn't take anything from their articles, especially Garth's formatting!

So with that in mind, let's get started!

1.1 - CB Angel Rosario
The front office down at One Buc Place hasn't given away their pick unlike last year's Colts team when we knew they were taking Trae Waynes well before the draft. However, they have thrown out some hints saying the player will be one of the 6'5" monsters that are leaving their collegiate years behind. Even with the hint I struggled to find a need for this team. While it's tempting to go WR, it makes little sense for the Bucs to trade one tall fast WR out to move up for another and the pick here is Rosario.

1.2 - OT La'el Collins
The rich grow richer as Miami is number 2 of the 3 playoff teams that are drafting the cream of this years crop. Da'Rel Brant was just a stopgap for Miami last year and can't compare with the man who will be the first linemen taken in this draft in Collins. Despite the deep playoff run, Russell Wilson saw his sacks taken increase by 9 from the previous year. It will be a scary team indeed when he is given extra time to pick his targets.

1.3 - WR Devin Funchess
The Packers are not exactly what you would call a "pass first team," Last year Doug Martin was 69 yards off the single season rushing record as the Pack led the league in yards on the ground by an average of almost 28 a game. To put that in perspective, the next biggest gap was just under 6 yards average between the 30th and 31st ranked rushing teams. With that said, Jimmy Clausen isn't just there to hand the ball off and Funchess comes directly in the mold of his favorite target over the last few years in Chris Matthews. Teams will be hard pressed to stack the box with 6'5" monsters near either sideline.

1.4 - HB Cubby Williams
Staying in the NFC North, the Vikings are our first team that finished last year with a losing record. Unfortunately, they have a lot of needs to fill. Offensive line is one such area but it could be argued that the tackles on either side just need experience and time to progress. The Vikings seem to like HB David Wilson who has done well for them in the past but Cubby Williams is a serious talent and could give the Vikings a threat on the ground that they have seen since the Adrian Peterson days.

1.5 - WR Dorial Green-Beckham
The North remembers...how to get top 5 picks apparently as this is the third one in a row. Super Bowl Runner Up only 2 seasons ago, this Bears team is looking pretty "bear" bones, albeit with plenty of cap room as the first round of open free agency starts. While there are several holes on the team, many of them can be patched by splashing a bit of money around. WR is not really one of those positions and it's becoming time to find Percy Harvin's heir to the Bear's receiving throne opposite Mike Evans. Regression is Coming.

1.6 - CB Buford McKay
Moving out of the South and away from Game of Thrones references, for the moment anyway, the Dirty Birds are finally starting to pick up the pieces after the loss of Matt Ryan and the promotion of Bo Callahan. Bo looks ready to go now but he needs a few more pieces around him to compete in a tough NFC South. While a wide receiver would probably go down a treat with Falcons fans, this is a cornerback driven league and Buford McKay has dropped too far already thanks to teams with already great corners trading for top draft picks. Anthony Perez has one more year to step up and show he's the man for the #1 receiver spot in Falconland.

1.7 - OT Ereck Flowers
This mock is going to the birds with the Eagles following the Falcons on top of the terrible writing and the poor attempts at jokes. In his two years as a starting QB, Malik McNabb has been sacked 96 times. Last year alone he was sacked 7 times on 3 separate Sundays. Something has to give and hopefully it isn't his ACL. Flowers may not be the toughest sounding name in the draft but he's a mean dude. Good speed, agility and incredibly impressive strength, he'll knock most defensive ends on their ass well before they realize they have no chance of matching last years sack numbers.

1.8 - HB Duke Johnson
There's a chance Cubby could find his way to pick 8 but either way the Colts are a shoe-in to grab a complete stud to run the ball. The only current back on the roster is Cedric Peerman, a guy who has no business being anywhere near the football and managed to get 45 carries last year behind Montee Ball and TJ Yeldon. While the Colts need help on defense as well and MLB could be a priority, Terrell Pryor isn't ready to carry the offense and this would give him a fantastic running mate.

1.9 - CB Emerson DuPress
I still have a bit of a soft spot for the Cardinals but I think they would have to be ecstatic if the draft panned out like this to here. Another team with plenty of cap room, the Cardinals should look to a position that is harder to fill with veterans - cornerback. While someone like Commodore Bell may have a slightly higher ceiling, the Cards need someone who can play right away, something that DuPree offers as he combines his speed with one of the better minds for the game out of the rookie class.

1.10 - WR Jaelen Strong
Cleveland are in a rebuilding period and need a bit of a spark on offense to pair with their defensive end masquerading as a quarterback. Yes, we see right through your disguise, Boston. It's a bit of a toss up between Strong and Kevin White but I favor Strong's slight advantage in route running as opposed to White's slightly better hands. Either way, Kyle Shanahan gets a shiny new toy for his offense and the Browns have a weapon to punish any teams that don't take them seriously.

I planned to try and get a few more picks done tonight but it's already starting to get a bit late. A whole first round is in the works so hopefully there won't be too many changes to the draft order before that happens!
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