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Mock, Yeah! Ing, Yeah! Draft, Yeah! - 2019 Picks 11-20
By Greg Wendel
Special to gzl-football.com

With picks 1-10 already generating a bit of discussion, I would be remiss in not continuing on with the next 10 picks. Hopefully one of these fictional draft picks previewing a fictional draft will be as hot of a topic as who AF wants at 1.1!

I've also had significantly more bourbon this time so it should be fun.

1.11 - CB Hunter Hill
It's no wonder the Niners tanked last season. Look at the haul they got for 1.1! With their offense having only a couple of holes to close, it's time to look over at the other side of the ball with the first of the picks they got in return, particularly in their secondary. Fortunately for them, there is some serious depth of talent available still at 1.11 and in this fake fake draft they have a chance to grab a guy who would go top 5 most years in Hunter Hill. The team is really coming together and Hill is ready to come in and play right away and will help San Francisco move up in the league. Maybe even to pick 2 next year!

1.12 - WR Kevin White
We're starting to hit the middle of the pack with these picks, where only 1 regular season win is the difference between the Cowboys at pick 12 or the Steelers at pick 24. Seriously, what a crazy finish we had to the season. The Cowboys are one of those teams that have been just sitting on the edge of the playoffs for a couple of years now and are looking for the next weapon to take them over the edge. With the departure of Dez Bryant, the Boys are in prime position to grab one of the big time receivers out of this class, Kevin White. Another guy who could probably go at the top of any other class (and really could be taken earlier in this one), White would be a real catch at number 12. You should know I managed to type that bad pun with a completely straight face.

1.13 - MLB Brick Baylor
It's hard to put a finger on it but looking at the Steelers roster is just seems like there is something missing. Or four full positions, whatever. It seems really unlikely that he drops this far but the Steelers would have a real... thievery... on their hands if Brick Baylor somehow falls this far. The guy is seriously strong and brings some real... metal... to the Steelers defense. Seriously, the puns you could make from this are ridiculous, the least of which being something about a Brick wall. Let's hope he doesn't kill anyone with a trident and resort to being a San Diego weatherman.

1.14 - OT TJ Clemmings
Josh Freeman has played in Cincinatti only once, which was in 2010 at the very beginning of GZLs history. I'm not sure what he knows about the city now that he's moved there but unless they can get the holes in that line patched up, he's going to think the major export is cheese. TJ Clemmings is a guy who is ready to knock over opposing defensive linemen from day 1. Not just for Freeman but also opening up space for Giovanni Bernard to finally crack a 4 yard average in a season. They may have to shuffle another lineman over to make room for him to play tackle but there's no doubt that the offense will be all smiles if Clemmings comes to Tigerland.

1.15 - FS Gabriel Giordano
Such a tough call for a team with few needs. I'm not the biggest fan of safeties in the first round but there are a few game changers in this class, the first of those being Giordano. He and Courtney Rice aren't too far off from each other but with the weakside safety ageing first, agility in coverage wins out for this mock. Hopefully the team can find a GM to make the decision instead of forcing the commishes to do it!

1.16 - OG Ryan Kowalski
Having secured their new receiving threat at pick 5, the honey lickers are back with number 16. This pick could change quite a bit depending on how the free agency period goes but at the moment the offensive line should be a priority. Enter the original gang... wait, I mean offensive guard Ryan Kowalski. The second fastest lineman in the draft, Kowalski doesn't just sound like a cop who's one mistake away from having to turn in his badge (dammit Kowalski), he even runs like he is chasing donuts. I'm sure Bronze Pittman is polishing his imaginary rushing title at the thought.

1.17 - WR Willie Williams
The New York Giants are quickly looking like the Urbania Giants and not even Icebox or the Annexation of Puerto Rico can save them now (how good was the Little Giants?). The team could go with an outside linebacker, a defensive tackle, possibly even a cornerback. Instead, I see them taking Willie "Benjamin Franklin 'Benny the Jet' Rodriguez" Williams. Classic 90s kids movies have officially taken over this section. He's got a year or two to learn from a mentor in DeSean Jackson and is enough of a threat to keep defenses honest against last year's breakout player, HB Ray Graham.

1.18 - CB Commodore Bell
Tough call for the Jets here. Murphy is gone, leaving Drogan and The Riffraff as the backup band for Jonny Higgins but the top wideouts are all gone. However, this is still a team in need of a ton of work in other areas. Commodore Bell offers a quick replacement for the soon to fade Clarence Mitchell and, in the longer term, for Prince. Fortunately with more green than purple this time around.

1.19 - Owa Odighizuwa
This is the point where I'm really glad none of this will play out like this mock. Because this would just be scary and I'll be glad to see it never happen. However, the Patsies do need some help with their pass rush. Let's all agree not to let it actually be this guy.

1.20 - QB Doug Eriksson
To be honest, most of what was said about the Bengals earlier on still applies here. Another offensive lineman would help out immensely in the short and long term. But what fun would that be? Here's the other thing: having Freeman in allows the Bengals to take a long term approach to developing the next guy up, something Eriksson desperately needs. This way they can set up the plan of succession and never even see a hiccup.

That's all for now! I'll try to get the final 12 up tomorrow, though they may not have as much of a written analysis. Try not to trade too many picks in the meantime.
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Green Zone League Articles

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