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Mock, Yeah! Ing, Yeah! Draft, Yeah! - 2019 Picks 21-32
By Greg Wendel
Special to gzl-football.com

Last but not least, we've got picks 21-32. Sadly, I've been a part of screwing up the draft order and throwing off the first round already. I know, I know. You're all thinking, "Such a hypocrite." On the plus side, team needs don't really change so the evaluations still count.

Also I'm just going to plug my ears and pretend nothing has changed. On with the mock!

1.21 - C Cameron Erving
This may be a little early for a center in most drafts but this isn't most drafts. Cam Erving is a serious asset for any team that grabs him and the Saints are in dire need of a center. I keep really wanting to spell at as "centre," Aussieland is really messing with my spelling. Anyway, while Ryan Kalil still has his speed, he should be worried about someone like the Panthers Ron Green knocking him over with a smile and wink. Kalil is not going to be opening any holes.

1.22 - OG Ty Sambrailo
So after getting what is already the steal of the mock draft and something we've all agreed we won't let happen, the Patsies are going to have to look to the other side of the line. Ty Sambrailo is the next best lineman to take here and while not a sexy pick despite having a name like "Sambrailo" he's essentially ready to be a lockdown lineman for years to come. So hopefully he never makes it to New England's roster either!

1.23 - DE/DT Zeus Bryant
The Raiders are one of those teams that is just stacked across the board. The nice thing for them is that means they just get to take the best talent available. I really need to work on my evaluations because in this case, it's another defensive player who never should have fallen this far. Seriously, Zeus falling, the Steelers with a steal, a wide receiver as a catch, these jokes write themselves. One thing it could be argued the Raiders are missing is a run stopping defensive end. That's all an argument about how to build a roster but I think no matter how you build it, you want it centered around players like this. Plus he provides great DT cover if needed.

1.24 - DT Malcolm Brown
If we're getting some players in to fill defensive gaps, not many positions fill gaps better than defensive tackles and even among those, Malcolm Brown demands more attention than most. While there are 3 tackles that are similar, my money is on Brown as the first one off the board. While a little slower, he's got the combination of strength, agility, and a quick first step that is hard to match at 320lbs.

1.25 - OLB Scottie Powers
The Redskins are pretty well placed with their team but there are a few holes on defense. Namely at tackle and outside linebacker. While the OLBs are there, the lack of speed is pretty obvious. Fortunately, Scottie Powers has filthy, filthy speed and gets this far by virtue of other teams simply not having the same need. The guy is nearly fast enough to be a free safety but at 6'3" 240 pounds he'll be a monster pass rusher as well. Scary stuff.

1.26 - MLB Trinidad Walker
Despite the rebuild that is going on, the Colts have yet to find the leader in the middle of their defense. That all changes on draft day. Walker may not have the brute strength of the other top MLB in Brick Baylor, he's no slouch while providing a bit more top end speed. He's also a little better at finding the ball and making the tackle at this point in his career.

1.27 - CB Jalen Collins
I think someone is trying to make sure the Rams don't repeat by giving the Niners all these players and picks. With Revis getting geriatric, it's time for some new blood in the San Fran secondary and Jalen Collins is the man for the job. Tall enough at 6'2 to cover some of the better receivers in the league, it's a good value pick for the former basement dwellers in the NFC. It won't be the case much longer.

1.28 - OLB Fernando George
Another team "benefitting" from my lack of defensive players picked early, the Ravens grab an outside linebacker, a place where there is an obvious gap on the depth chart. Speed to burn, decent strength, he'll be a good player for a long time and make a ridiculous linebacking corps next to Ray and Teo.

1.29 - HB Travon Wilkins
Keith Payne has seen better days as the big bruising back running behind the Broncos line. I honestly don't know how he averaged 5.15 yards per carry last year, a career best, but regression has hit him hard and it's just about time to take the ox out behind the shed. Fortunately, there's a newer model ready to go in Travon Wilkins. He probably should be playing Ant Man in the upcoming movie as strong as his is at 198 pounds but either way, he's a bruiser in the style the Broncos like.

1.30 - DE Bud Dupree
Here's a weird stat for the Panthers. Neither of their top defensive ends have ever had double digit sacks in a season. Fortunately for them, the second Dupree of the draft is a pure pash rusher and could instantly upgrade their defense. Plenty of talent on the Panthers roster but if their opposing passer can sit back and pick them apart it makes little difference.

1.31 - C Alex Turnbull
What is that smell? Oh, nevermind its just the Fish picking again! I hate to say it but the only real spot that needed filling was on the offensive line and pick 2 could have them taking the best one of the class. That said, I could see them taking another here to replace a middling center with a very good one in Alex Turnbull. Have two centers ever been taken in a first round? I doubt it happens here either but it makes sense for a team with just about everything.

1.32 - OLB Vic Beasley
A lot of what applies to the Dolphins applies to the Rams as well as far as having so few spots that can even see competition. I guess that makes sense with the Super Bowl winner and runner up eh? The one spot that isn't very convincing on this Rams roster is on the weakside linebacker. While Bobby Beck has made quite a career for a former 7th round pick, his first step leaves a lot to be desired and he has never broken double digits in sacks or tackles for loss. Beasley makes up for that deficiency and more.

Even by the end of the first round things started to get murky. There are plenty of teams with few obvious weaknesses and plenty of picks. At least this is over, so feel free to trade all of those picks around for the next person's mock!
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