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Let's Mock It v2.0
By Garth Pearce
Special to gzl-football.com

With a swathe of trading just completed and the match eligible free agency drawing to an end we can take a shot at how the picks will be made in the upcoming draft at this point:

1.1 - WR Devin Funchess
After re-examining the timing of the trade for this pick and the fact it happened after the Packers moved up to 1.03 suggests AF is trying to get the same thing that Kev is after. On paper that looks to be wide out and now that the Packers are resigned to not getting one of their guys I'd say this is a surer thing then CB Rosario or MLB Baylor. Also factor in that WR Williams was moved out to acquire this pick the Buccs really do need another top quality target and Funchess gives that in spades. I couldn't see AF going DGB instead, unless he feels that +2 AGI and +4 ACC trump +1 SPD, +8 STR and +15 AWR.

1.2 - MLB Brick Baylor
I still think Brick is the top choice for the Dolphins this high to replace the aging (and trade bait) KJ Wright in the 3-4. LT Collins is another viable option but I don't think he's real value for this high in the draft and with all the youngsters at receiver already on the roster I can't see them justify spending a high pick on another.

1.3 - WR Dorial Green-Beckham
The theme of this draft appears to be size does matter and Kev has pretty blatantly stated his desire to get a 6'5" receiver at this pick. With Funchess likely out the door #1 overall that leaves DGB for the Packers to develop alongside Chris Matthews. He is extremely raw (48 AWR, 70 CTH) and it will take a consistent playoff team and training camp allocator to get the best out of him, which is exactly what the Packers are capable of.

1.4 - CB Buford McKay
The Vikings don't do Training Camp so I can't seem them going for Angel Rosario as their next corner solely because they'd lose out on so much talent by not being able to progress his physical skills. McKay at least comes with a fully ready set of athletic skills that they can use from day one and just makes a better fit for this team.

1.5 - DE Owa Odighizuwa
Unless the vacant RE is filled in UFA I can't see Bryan going past a defensive end at this pick, especially as he has the entire class to take his pick from. Could be a toss up with Zeus Bryant here, depending if he wants more run stopping as opposed to a double ended pass rush. He may also be tempted to go CB Rosario to pair with Caliborne for a mighty hard secondary to pass against.

1.6 - CB Angel Rosario
They could go HB Williams or WR Strong in an effort to help their offense out for the long term, but the addition of 6'5" Rosario is not something to pass up lightly. Leonard Johnson has struggled in the starting job and Rosario brings another half a foot and a unique skill set to bring this defense up to par with the likely competition in Tampa and the growing swathe of tall receivers coming out of college.

1.7 - OT La'el Collins
The Eagles need a lot of help on the o-line and Collins provides a cornerstone to build around. He'll give a much needed boost to McNabb and Hill for offensive protection, even if a CB would be a sexier pick. With only 2 legitimate starters currently on the roster they won't be going anywhere next year unless the offensive is given a chance to do its thing. They also need a starting DT and could do with another legitimate receiver which could both be viable options here.

1.8 - HB Cubby Williams
I'm sure the Colts would be enamoured to have Cubby become their feature back with this pick as they desperately need a solid running game to support Terrelle Pryor. Hell, right now they need any running game and luckily enough the pick of Williams gives them a long term solution.

1.9 - CB Emerson DuPree
Arizona desperately needs secondary help and DuPree gives them a great combination of size (6'0") and speed (95) to work with. The could go with Hunter Hill instead if they value more height but DuPree gives plenty of raw talent that can work with little improvement on the physical side of things.

1.10 - WR Jaelen Strong
Free agency will tell what holes the Browns can fill before this draft, but for a quality position that should be around by this pick WR Strong. He is a great all-round receiver in the mold of Andre Johnson and starts with excellent awareness at 72. If MLB Baylor or HB Williams were available here I'd say either would go as a priority, otherwise it may be the vacant right tackle that gets a nod.

1.11 - CB Hunter Hill
The 49ers need some long term secondary help that the aging Darrelle Revis can't fill. Hill gives them a tall corner with decent wheels to compliment Jamar Taylor in pass defense. They may also look to OT to shore up their o-line now that the pass game seems to be a solid threat.

1.12 - Kevin White
With Dez Bryant out the door the Cowboys are in desperate need of a talented receiver and White gives them a solid option to go with. Very similar to Strong listed at pick 10, White is a better catcher out of the gate and will become a favourite target of Mark Sanchez in short order.

1.13 - DT Archie Waters
I'm sure this UFA period will clear up a few questions about the Steelers as they have a lot of holes but a lot of cap to fill them with right now. Without knowing for sure what scheme they plan to use it's hard to make a pick on the vacant DE, OLB or MLB spots as well, but I think Waters can fill up the middle well in a 4-3 or even push outside in a 3-4.

1.14 - OT Ereck Flowers
You don't bring in a talent like Josh Freeman without a plan to use him to the max, and considering the output Brady got from QB Rivers I'd say he knows how to achieve that. In any case the RT looks week for the Bengals and a player like Flowers will give them the long term stability to keep Freeman lighting it up for another half decade.

1.15 - FS Gabriel Giordano
With FS Ross in the last year of his contract and about to regress, the Texans would be well served to add Giordano this year ready to take the reigns in 2020. Resembling a strong corner he has all the athletic prowess to tear it up for years to come. In the same vein you could see an OT taken to understudy and then replace the aging Sam Baker.

1.16 - OLB Fernando George
With current vacancies at both LOLB and RT these are both legitimate options to play for with this pick. I feel George would make an excellent addition to provide that second level rush behind Clowney, especially if his speed gets boosted to the max (89). On the otherside you have OT TJ Clemmings who can shore up the right side of the o-line and would fit nicely with the current crop of blockers in Chicago.

1.17 - OT TJ Clemmings
With no-one at LT this would be an easy pick to make in solidify the o-line, even if the team does have needs at WR and HB. For pick value Clemmings is worth the slot, although Ty Sambrailo could be worthwhile too, or speedster Willie Williams at wide out.

1.18 - MLB Trinidad Walker
After Bowman's departure there is no sure starter in the middle for the Colts and only former fourth rounder in Farris worthy of playing. Enter Trinidad Walker who can become the new face of the franchise and lead this defensive unit to glory. His size, strength and speed are all suited to the 3-4 defense even if his acceleration is lower then normal. However on that note just ask the champion Rams how sub 80 ACC goes for linebackers and you'll find your answer for his ability to become a weapon in time.

1.19 - DE Zeus Bryant
I still think Zeus is a good fit here for the Pats and gives a Shawn Oakman style player for their right end and finishes that impressive d-line. Ty Sambrailo could also go here to fill a vacant RG spot.

1.20 - OG Ty Sambrailo
Two O-line within 7 picks for the one team is pushing it, but again if you give Freeman the best protection possible he can do the most amount of damage possible. Unless they see a half back on the board they think will be a better performer then Bernard this would be a solid, if unsexy choice.
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