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Yet another Mock Draft: Picks 11 - 20
By Ben Harbinger
Special to gzl-football.com

Be patient, I didn't want to start over and change my first 10 picks, so this will be a continuation of that.

1.11 - CB Commodore Bell
From a value standpoint, MLB Baylor makes the most sense but the last time they ran 3-4 was more than 2 years ago. Plus, it's always good to have 3 quality CBs, since they have 1.5, look for them to add speedster Commodore Bell. With TC points, he'll be similar to CB Slay on the Dolphins.

1.12 - OLB Scottie Powers
MLB Baylor gets passed here again simply because Cowboys don't run a 3-4. Plus, they have a backup MLB who's a serviceable #2. They can pick a WR, but I think LB Powers will be selected to eventually replace aging LB Lee, who is also on the last year of his contract.

1.13 - MLB Brick Baylor
Match made in heaven, Steelers need help all over their roster and they take the best LB in this draft. I can't believe Baylor will drop right into their lap.

1.14 - OG Ryan Kowalski
Look no further than the GreenBay Packers if you want to build an OL and an intimidating running game. Their OGs aren't anything to be proud of, so look for Brady to draft one of the fastest OL in Ryan Kowalski (70 SPD). He will be a great pulling guard for speedster Giovanni Bernard.

1.15 - SS Chris Hackett
Even with the AWR hit (position change), I think he's better (overall) than FS Gabriel Giordano. He is stronger, has more awareness and is a much better tackler. Though he sacrifices speed (-1), agi (-4) and acc(-2), he'll be a better player out of the gate.

1.16 - DE Owa Odighizuwa
WTF? I personally don't think he'll last this long, but going back to change my top 10 will mean a lot of work and change the draft entirely. Luckily this is just my opinion and I'm sure Bryan would not complain if this is how it all played out.

1.17 - WR Kevin White
Easy choice, they need a lot of help and none bigger than a star WR for the future. White will come in and immediately make an impact from day 1.

1.18 - CB Jabar Watkins
They only have 2 good CBs and need help. Watkins will immediately be the NCB and with training camp points invested in him, he will be a speedster that can keep up with anyone. Only question is his height, but he's the best available among the rest and I'm sure Jason won't complain. They could draft MLB Walker here, but I believe CB is of bigger need, especially if there's an injury.

1.19 - MLB Trinidad Walker
Patriots ran a 3-4 defense almost all of last year and saw improved results compared to seasons before. However, they need a better 2nd MLB and find one in Walker. He's bigger, faster, stronger already and will easily be better than LB Wagner could ever be.

1.20 - OT Ereck Flowers
Drafting 2 OL in the first round is never sexy, but who cares about being flashy? They'll be able to protect Freeman and instantly upgrade the running game as well.
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Green Zone League Articles

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