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Yet another Mock Draft: Picks 1 - 32 - Final Revision
By Ben Harbinger
Special to gzl-football.com

Scratch the other two mocks because I was not thinking properly. Most importantly, it was all a lie and I know this for a fact because 1.2 was a smokescreen. So here, I will reveal (sort of) who goes there and the rest will follow accordingly, bear with me.

1.1 WR Devin Funchess - Only it won't be the Bucs who'll be selecting here. Look for another team to swoop in and grab this monster.

1.2 CB Angel Rosario - Look at Fit the System and you'll see there is only 1 CB with similar height. Forget everything else, in a game of inches, size does matter. (That's what she said!)

1.3 WR DGB - There is a theme brewing, can you guess it? He's no Funchess, but make no mistake, he will be a top 3 WR in this league with some TC points. No one knows how to improve players better than AF, watch DGB blossom into a superstar sooner than later. (I'm assuming AF trades down to here)

1.4 CB Buford McKay - Arguably the best CB in this draft (depends who you ask), Vikings take him, no questions asked. He'll also be asked to cover GB's newest speedster, WR Crockett.

1.5 MLB Brick Baylor - Bears hang tight and get a damn good player, he will provide Bryan the flexibility to play any type of defense and look for him to slow down (not stop) GB's ferocious running game.

1.6 DE Owa Odighizuwa - Why.......well why not? Best DE in this draft and it is a position of need. They could go WR here, but my bet is they'll go with value here.

1.7 OT La'el Collins - I agree with the other mock drafters, Eagles need help on the Offensive Line and to protect McNabb, they get the best Tackle. Neal might also tinker with lineups to see how he fares at OG.

1.8 HB Cubby Williams - Another team that gets rewarded for staying the course, HB is their biggest need and the best one falls conveniently into Jason's lap....literally!

1.9 CB Emerson DuPree - I swear I'm not just copy-and-pasting Garth's draft, we happen to think alike. Cardinals need mad help in the secondary and they get a very good player in DuPree.

1.10 WR Kevin White - From what I could deduce regarding their FA wins, they must be targeting a WR here. You could argue for WR Jaelen Strong here, but I think CTH for a WR is more important than AWR.

1.11 CB Hunter Hill - Garth convinced me to change my pick. Seriously though, I personally prefer Bell's upside more, but Niners have consistently missed playoffs for the past several years. Also, AWR is more important than STR (imo), so Hill fits better.

1.12 OLB Scottie Powers - Anytime you trade away a WR like Dez Bryant, they'll usually be replaced with a high priority in the draft. However, I still believe OLB is a bigger need and instead of settling for a pretty good WR, they'll get a really good LB.

1.13 DT Archie Waters - If I'm not mistaken, Travis won an MLB in FA. Waters is an athletic DT who will let them play 4-3 and 3-4. For those wondering if he's big enough to play NT, there's always Offseason Conditioning.

1.14 OG Ty Sambrailo - He's the best guard and OL remaining. They can also go with OT Flowers here, but my money's on OG Sambrailo.

1.15 SS Chris Hackett - Do you want better hands or strength and tackle in your safety? I prefer the latter, after all 2 > 1 right? This is really close and they can with FS Giordano as others have stated, but I still believe Hackett is the better overall player. When was the last time a Safety led in INT's? CTH is overrated, as long as he gets there on time and knocks down the ball, he'll have done his job in the passing game.

1.16 OT Ereck Flowers - Having drafted Baylor, Bryan has the flexibility to move one MLB to OLB. This not only fills a need, it allows them to draft a very good Tackle, who will get to the 2nd level with ease and let HB Pittman work his magic.

1.17 OG Ryan Kowalski - They need a tackle, but if I were them, I'd move one of the slower guards out to tackle and install a very fast guard. This will work wonders for their running game, and take some pressure off Kaepernick. Also, it will provide better protection in the passing game as well. Don't take my word for it, look at GB's roster and figure out why they consistently have a top rushing attack.

1.18 CB Commodore Bell -They could look at LB Walker here as no one on their roster stands out. However, they're not bad either, low AGI seems to be holding them back, but I have to believe they'll be better off with CB Bell. With Pryor at the helm, they're not going to the playoffs anytime soon. It will take a year longer than normal for Bell to be starter material, but he will be a force in his prime for the rest of his career. (Do I value CBs too high?)

1.19 MLB Trinidad Walker - Patriots seem to be very active players so far this offseason and look for them to add tremendous value. Matt always looks to the most out of his draft picks. Walker fills a need and easily starts as the #2 MLB in a 3-4 defense that led the league in opposing QBR for most of the season.

1.20 OT Thaddeus Hope - If they're willing to invest in STR, Hope is the better athlete and form a very good tandem with OG Sambrailo. If they're ok with a slightly slower, but stronger player, look for them to draft OT TJ Clemmings. Either way, they're drafting an OL here.

1.21 C Cameron Erving - He is easily the best center and fills a very important position. Look for him to beat out C Kalil and earn a starting job by regular season.

1.22 DE Zeus Bryant - Patience is a virtue and Pats will be rewarded with a star DE in Bryant. Matt will have no issues playing him at LE or RE. Two defensive starters will improve this already good defense. Let's see how rest of the AFC East counter these moves.

1.23 WR Jaelen Strong - 2 out of 3 WRs are 30 years old and above. You could argue that Strong is just as good, if not better, than WR White who went at 1.10. So this is a no-brainer and Garth gets a steal here.

1.24 OLB Vic Beasley - He is a solid player that can turn out to be very good after some progression. LBs are very important as they can help elevate both the running and passing defense. Look for Travis to invest heavily into this group.

1.25 DT Malcom Brown - They only have 1 DT on the roster, though he is big and strong, that's all he is and will ever be. Plus, he needs time off in between plays due to low Stamina. Look for the Redskins to draft DT Brown who will immediately make this 4-3 Defense more formidable up front.

1.26 TE Clive Walford - What choice does one have when there is no one available to play that position? Clive is the best TE in this draft and needs time to become a better blocker, but he'll learn quickly. It is a position of need and he's worthy of a late 1st round imo.

1.27 WR Willie Williams - Not your typical preferred WR, but, with Williams and Gordon on the outside, he is your perfect slot WR. He has decent hands for a rookie and doesn't need points invested in SPD, AGI or ACC. Very similar to WR Beckham, he will create headaches for defenses. I can personally attest to this after having played against Odell in the Superbowl.

1.28 OT TJ Clemmings - I can see them searching for an OLB, but Clemmings is better value wise. When it's a position of need (technically OG is) and you're getting good value, it should be a no brainer.

1.29 MLB Eric Kendricks - Niners might trade out of this pick, but assuming they stay put, upgrading their 2nd MLB spot should be the train of thought.

1.30 CB Jabar Watkins - Tremendous value here as he will help add depth and competition to a thin secondary. He's only 5'10", but has the athleticism to keep up with those pesky slot WRs.

1.31 C Alex Turnbull - C Kelce is not getting any younger or better. Turnbull can sit behind for 1 or 2 years, learn from the veteran and then take over. Ben has the luxury of investing TC points to bring him up to speed and insert him into the starting lineup without skipping a beat.

1.32 DE Bud Dupree - Not their conventional DE choice, but they've played 46 Defense more than 3-4 in the last 3 seasons. Plus, their current DEs are older. Coming off a recent Superbowl victory, this is luxury pick and look for them to add value by taking a similar player to DE Owa Odighizuwa.
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