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Green Zone League Articles

Green Zone Report: The Thirty-Two Best Prospects
By Kurt Ison
Special to gzl-football.com

S2016I01:: The GreenZone Report
Friday, June 26th, 2015
Kurt Ison, GreenZone Media Committee

Today we look at the thirty-two best prospects going into the annual GZL Draft. These should be the thirty-two names called in the first round, but no doubt some will slide and wait until day two to hear their name.

#32 - TE Clive Walford
+ Solid athleticism and pass catching ability.
- Weak, average build.

The only tight end to make the class. Walford is a blend of athleticism and pass catching ability without being elite at either. A solid blocker however his lack of strength will cost him.

#31 - DT Melvin Underwood
+ Strong, sure tackler.
- Slow, short.

The quint essential nose tackle. Underwood will be taken by a team searching for a anchor. He will do the job and that'll be it.

#30 - FS Buck McDonald
+ Good height, and decent hands.
- Slow, poor tackler and under strength.

If it wasn't for his 6'2" height, McDonald could be a very late round pick. But a team will bite on the height and invest in building him up.

#29 - FS Gabriel Giordano
+ Good height, great hands along with well rounded athleticism.
- Poor tackler.

Giordano is quite the leap in the talent of safety as previously mentioned. Well rounded prospect who will be a quality starter.

#28 - DE D'Qwann Miller
+ Above average speed, agility and acceleration.
- Undersized, weak and poor tackler.

The first of a talented defensive end group. Miller is all pass rush, if used correctly he can be a success. But not an every down rusher.

#27 - LT Thaddeus Hope
+ Very quick and agile.
- Below average strength, average blocker.

Hope is a raw talent who has the natural ability but will need work. But once his strength and blocking improve he will be quality.

#26 - K Carroll Palmer
+ Great awareness, leg strength and accuracy.
- Can't throw.

The dreaded kicker makes an appearance. But Palmer has the talent to be worthy of a first round selection, no one scores more than a kicker and Palmer is pro ready.

#25 - MLB Eric Kendricks
+ Good speed, great leap and tackle technique.
- Undersized, poor stamina.

A very athletic linebacker, displays an incredible leap which is valuable in the middle of a defence. But lacks the size to be an elite prospect.

#24 - OLB Scottie Powers
+ Incredible speed and acceleration.
- Poor strength and a very poor tackler.

Incredible talent which GM's will be keen to secure, but they will have to gamble on his inability to make consistent tackles.

#23 - SS Chris Hackett
+ Great size, above average strength.
- Below average hands.

A very well rounded and a hitman style safety in Hackett. By far the safest and highest ceiling of all the safeties.

#22 - DE Bud Dupree
+ Quality speed and acceleration.
- Smaller, average tackler.

Another pass rushing specialist who is more polished than previously mentioned Miller.

#21 - OLB Fernando George
+ Fast, quick off the mark and quality tackler.
- Below average height and weight.

Another all speed linebacker, however George is by far more well rounded and more pro ready.

#20 - DT Archie Waters
+ Good size, great speed and acceleration.
- Not the strongest.

Waters is a exciting prospect, great al over the board. Extremely quick for a large man but impressively his strength and size aren't sacrificed.

#19 - HB Duke Johnson
+ Fast, very secure ball runner.
- Small frame and under strength.

A pocket rocket who could be a yard eater. Needs to improve on breaking tackles.

#18 - CB Jalen Collins
+ Tall, good awareness.
- Average speed.

The first of many cornerbacks. Teams can't pass on 6'2" corners.

#17 - CB Hunter Hill
+ Tall, very athletic, great leap and hands.
- Underweight, poor tackler.

At 6'2" and with his combination of speed, hands and leap he will be a interception king.

#16 - DE Owa Odighizuwa
+ Great athleticism and strength.
- Nil.

Odighizuwa is the first multi purpose rusher, he has the speed to pass rush along with the strength to hold his own.

#15 - DE Zeus Bryant
+ Great strength and size.
- Below average speed.

Bryant is a big bodied defensive end who will likely end up on the right edge. Could be a very dominant rusher.

#14 - OG Ty Sambrailo
+ Great acceleration and polished blocker.
- Nil.

A very talented player, if he was a tackle he would go higher. Don't be surprised if he is converted as he has the skills to get it done.

#13 - CB Commodore Bell
+ Great athleticism.
- Poor awareness, miserable tackler.

An extremely raw prospect but with a very high ceiling. He will need time to become a shutdown, but you cant deny his potential.

#12 - MLB Trinidad Walker
+ Great speed and strength.
- Slow acceleration.

Walker is a very well polished linebacker and could be a steal if he falls any further down. A very safe pick.

#11 - OT La'el Collins
+ Quick, good strength and quality blocker.
- Undersized.

The best offensive lineman in the class will be a very much welcomed member of his new team. Wont have any troubles adapting to the pro level.

#10 - WR Kevin White
+ Great hands and leap.
- Average athleticism, under strength.

A plug and play receiver, White won't need much help to flourish in the league but if he is helped he will be in the top tier.

#9 - HB Cubby Williams
+ Good speed, great strength.
- Underweight.

By far the best runner in the class, Williams is a good blend of speed and power. Will be the first running back called.

#8 - WR Dorial Green-Beckham
+ Great size, decent athleticism.
- Poor awareness and jump.

The rawest of all the freak wideouts in this years group. His lack of awareness will be the only reason he slides.

#7 - MLB Brick Baylor
+ Size, speed, strength and a sure tackler.
- Average jump and catch.

Baylor is going to be a monster of a defence for a long time. An impressive prospect who will start day one.

#6 - WR Jaelen Strong
+ Great awareness and tackle breaking ability.
- Under strength.

One of many similar recievers, Strong isn't like his name suggests. However he is a talented player who will go top ten.

#5 - QB Marcus Mariota
+ Quick, good awareness and quality arm.
- Likes to scramble.

The only quarterback on our board, Mariota will be a dangerous player. He will make yards with his arm and his legs.

#4 - WR Willie Williams
+ Lightning speed, great jump and good hands.
- Small bodied, weak.

Williams will be an exceptional wideout, we believe the most productive from this class. Forget height, speed is what you want.

#3 - CB Angel Rosario
+ Incredible size, great leap.
- Average athleticism, poor strength.

His height might be enough to get him called first, but if you take his height away his stocks drop quickly.

#2 - WR Devin Funchess
+ Size, speed and tackle break ability.
- Below average agility.

A tall, big bodied, athletic receiver who is a tackle breaking machine is always going to be rated high.

#1 - CB Buford McKay
+ Size, strength, speed.
- Injury prone.

The best prospect in this years draft, not the tallest but in our eyes the best. Will have an incredible career wherever he goes.
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