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Green Zone League Articles

2019 GZL Draft: Losers
By Tyler Richardson
Special to gzl-football.com

There were really no head-scratchers in the first round, so I had to nit-pick a little bit here. No offense meant to anyone, and feel free to state your counter-points. I'm sure there will be many differing opinions.

QB Marcus Mariota: After winning the Heisman trophy and leading his team to the national championship game, many expected the QB to be a lock as a first round pick. But with the GZL not valuing mobile quarterbacks near as much as the college game, and the league already being stocked with good quarterbacks (half of whom are on the Buccs), Mariota had to wait until the late second round before he heard his name called. But it gets worse. The Lions GM has already stated that he has no plans to play Mariota, and has already placed him on the trade block. The crystal ball says he will not get what he wants for him, and Mariota will be forgotten about behind Stafford without much development.

The Bills' Draft Picks: The Bills had 10 picks in this draft. All ten played on the left side of the offensive line in college. Seriously, go look at their depth chart. With two former top-15 picks already entrenched as starters, and 5 lineman on the roster before the draft, it's tough to see too many of these picks getting a legit shot at a roster spot.

The AFC South: I don't like what any of these teams did in the draft. Sure, the Jags didn't have to trade that much to move up to 1.1, but after they did they selected a WR. I understand he's a great WR, but has no one heard the phrase defense wins championships? With two elite-level, game-changing CBs on the board, they went WR. On top of that, they did not pick again until the 6th round, and at this moment they still haven't used either of their late round picks. I am not a fan of the Colts' selection of Brick Baylor, either. Again, two game-changing CBs, but they went with the 82 SPD/80 AGI/82 ACC LB. I like Baylor, and I get that he's big and imposing, but I don't think he warranted the second overall pick. And when you look at what they paid to move up this far, it simply is not pretty, as they had to swap first-round picks with the AFC Champs. With Terrelle Pryor at QB. The Texans did not have a terrible draft, but passed up on talent at both 1.15 and 1.32, when there was plenty there. In my opinion WR Jalen Strong would have been a fantastic pick for them at 1.15. Finally, the Titans didn't pick until the 5th round. Not a great draft for this division if you ask me, but I'm sure plenty will disagree.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: The Buccs made this list for a similar reason as the Jags. They got (apparently) very lucky to land WR Mike Evans before the draft, which made many think they were done looking at WRs in the draft. But apparently they were still head over heels for DGB, as they made him the 3rd pick in the draft. Thinking back to RZL, AFs super-CB duo won him multiple SBs. The Buccs could have established something similar here with the selection of Rosario or McKay, but instead opted to try to max out their offense. It was an interesting choice to say the least to load up on WRs rather than take an elite 6'3" or 6'5" CB to go with Mike Evans, especially with how well tall CBs have fared in this league. And while the selection of Erving was not a terrible pick, it seems centers that are drafted in the first round are usually more physically talented. I'm not saying this was a bad draft for the Buccaneers, I just thought it had the potential to be much more.
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Green Zone League Articles

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