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2019 GZL Draft Team by Team Analysis
By Neal Wintermute
Special to gzl-football.com

I am giving the Bills a pass on this one because they weren't around for their selections. Maybe, the skew will be kind, but I just don't think it's fair to evaluate picks that weren't made until way beyond their scheduled time.

I felt like the Dolphins picks were all pretty equal. I didnít love any of them, but they werenít horrible picks either. I think WR-Kevin White will be a very good WR, but heís not great value at 8th overall. OT-Zohar and OT-Costa are both guys who could be starters, but I donít think either one of them are great. It was a good, but not great draft.

LE-Owa Odighizuwa was a great pick at 12th overall. Heís one of the best value picks in the draft. CB-Muhammad Pace in the 3rd round really lacks catch and tackle, but the pick is understandable considering the number of CBís off the board before his selection.

FS-Todd Henry and CB-Marcus Peters were both nice picks to help out the Jets secondary. Henry was really good value in the 2nd round. Anders Monk was a reach in the 2nd round. Heís raw and doesnít have the elite physical attributes you want with someone so raw.

OLB-Vic Beasley and TE-Troy Battaligia were both nice picks. Beasley late in the 1st and Battaligia in the mid-4th. The downside of the Ravens draft is that they didnít have the depth in a draft that you would prefer. The rest of the class are nice roster fillers, but thatís it.

LG-Ty Sambrailo was a great section. One of the better value picks in the draft even though OG is not traditionally viewed as a premium position. C-Ramirez was also a nice pickup in the 4th round. HB-Curtis Saldi was really a reach in round 3. He lacks the speed to be a HB, although he could be a candidate for a conversion to FB.

The Browns are giving the impression that they didnít like their draft much, but if thatís the case their standards are way too high. CB-Emerson Dupree is a really good #2 CB. DT-Eddie Goldman and DT-Malcom Brown are both stud DTís that were draft in round 2. Even OG-John Filipovic was a great pickup in the 3rd round. So OG-Octavius Warren may not have been great value in the 2nd round, the Browns still had one of the better drafts this year.

The Steelers had a really solid draft. I think OLB-Scottie Powers was a good selection, although Iím not as high on him as others due to his low tackle. DT-Archie Waters is a a stud at DT who was a great pickup late in round 1. The Steelers followed that up with an excellent 2nd and 3rd round too. There werenít really any questionable picks here.

Well the Texans essentially punted this draft for future picks. They added some roster fillers, but the Texans are not a better team post-draft than they were pre-draft.

Iím a MLB-Brick Baylor fan. He was one of the five best players in this draft. If the Colts felt like they were good at WR and CB then Baylor is a good pick. OLB-George is also a star players in the making. DT-Parr might have been a bit of a reach, but heís a prototypical NT.

WR-Devin Funchess was #2 on my board so itís hard to criticize this pick. He was the #1 offensive player in the draft and will really pressure secondaries in the AFC South, but what else did the Jags get? The offensive line is a mess. They can fill them through FA short term, but there are major issues on that offensive line.

Apparently most of the AFC South was just not interested in this draft. The Titans didnít need any players though as their roster is set.

CB-Alex Carter was one of the best value picks in the draft. Heís a complete CB once his speed points are added. The Broncos are another team that has a need on the offensive line. Free Agency could be quite competitive at this position.

The Chiefs didnít have many picks in this draft, but LT-Will Torres is not a bad pick for the 5th round. If he skews up he could actually contribute a bit.

LT-Kaiser Frey is an intriguing prospect at LT if he gets a favorable skew, but much like the Chiefs, the Raiders didnít have enough picks to get better from this draft.

The AFC West follows the AFC South pattern of opting out of this yearís draft. The Chargers didnít have the high picks to upgrade their team, but they did add some roster fillers and a nice third string FS.

The Cowboys traded out of round 1 and had two 2nd round picks. I think HB-Duke Johnson was a great selection. Heíll have to fight for playing time in a crowded backfield, but he has starter potential. Iím not quite as high on CB-Jalen Collins. He has good height and awareness, but his speed and acceleration combo is pretty average.

The Giants had a solid, but unspectacular draft. WR-Jaelen Strong is just as good as WR-Kevin White taken earlier by the Dolphins and CB-Kaiden Foote should be a nice nickel back in a good secondary.

The Redskins filled a need at FS with the addition of S-Chris Hackett, but they also really missed out on impact DTís. They picked up DT-Melvin Underwood who is probably serviceable, but not a long-term answer at the position.

I think CB-Buford McKay was the best value of any player in the draft at 5th overall. He was the #1 rated player on my board and really reminds me a lot of CB-Richard Sherman taken 1st overall two years ago. However, Iím not as high as the Bears 2nd round selection HB-Travon Wilkins. I felt like the Cowboys selected a substantially better running back a few picks later in HB-Duke Johnson. Outside of his strength, I think Wilkins is very ordinary.

I donít think the Lions are a better team post-draft than they were pre-draft. I do like the addition of OG-Moses Blanff in round 4. I think there is good value there, but QB-Marcus Mariota in round 2 really puzzles me. Heís going to need a lot of work to be a starter in this league and I just donít think thatís where the Lions needed to go with their 2nd rounder. They have needs at both DE and LB that could have been better addressed here.

The Packers were essentially absent from the draft except for roster fillers. They have a chance for productive players if they get favorable skews from the two DEís, but the Packers made their upgrades before the draft.

CB-Angel Rosario was one of the top 5 players in this draft. I like McKay a little better, but they are both studs. HB-Tevin Coleman was a decent pickup in round 2. I wonder if there was a quality OLB available instead of Coleman if they would have gone that direction.

HB-Cubby Williams is a quality running back, but in this draft with the Falcons need at CB, I question the choice. With Dupree and Hill still available, I think the better option was to go CB.

The Panthers had a pretty good draft. MLB-Trinidad Walker should be an excellent MLB and WR-Alonzo Jackson and TE- Clive Walford should be contributors on the offensive side of the ball. I donít necessarily think SS-Tommy Johnson was good value in the 3th round, but maybe he gets a good skew.

The Saints had one of the best selections in LE-Zeus Bryant. Bryant is a stud and will be a real disruptive force on the defensive side of the ball.

The Bucs kept improving their team in the draft. This yearís key addition was WR-Dorial Green-Beckham. Heíll need some work put into him, but he could be a real stud in the end.

The Cardinals addressed their biggest need in round 1 with CB-Commodore Bell. Heís a little raw still as a starter so the Cardinals will have to take their lumps with him, but in a couple of seasons heíll be good. Iím not sure that MLB-Adam Cooke was the best available LB when they picked him up in round 3. I think the pick was a bit of a reach.

I like OG-Larry Cox, but his awareness is really low. The Rams will have to get that up before his physical attributes take over. LE-Bud Dupree is an excellent pass rushing DE and Iíll be curious to see how the Rams use him.

The 49ers really added to their team in this yearís draft. They made solid selection after solid selection. I donít see any one pick as outstanding value, but I see most of their picks as good value. I think the best pick is WR-Willie Williams who should be a great speed receiver.

The Seahawks picked up an excellent SS in Courtney Rice late in the 1st round, but most of the Seahawks picks were after the talent in the class had been selected. They did get several roster fillers to keep them in good financial shape though.
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