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Who will win the AFC East?
By Darryl Breckheimer
Special to gzl-football.com

I doubt this is the perfect means of evaluating the “Offseason Moves”… but it seems to have a lot of what transpired for each team:

I also took a quick glance at the "Post-Draft" results:

I focused on the ACF East… based on the question asked: “Ignoring the past, who would you guys vote to win this division?”

I didn’t completely ignore the past (as I see value in taking last year’s record into account) but weighed acquisitions & losses and what it might mean for each teams heading into 2019.

Buffalo Bills
Acquisitions vs Losses
Thoughts… adding a legit WR while losing an OLB, overall I see this as an improvement. Team will likely gain 2 games from last season’s record [9-7].
Picking up WR Dez Bryant (even if it is only a 1 year stint) should help balance out the offensive attack. The Bills didn’t have receiver gain 1000+ yards nor did they have anyone with 10+ TD receptions (Bryant had 1400 yards and 11 TD’s).
Biggest loss has to be ProBowl OLB Jerry Gonzalez (Bills shipped him out a year or 2 early)… also lost depth at DE (Jonathan Massaquoi) and a slight downgrade @ RG.

Rookie to Watch: GM was a no show... OUCH!

Miami Dolphins
Acquisitions vs Losses
Thoughts… hate the loss of LG Jake Long (but it’s the left side… which might make it easier to fill void) but like the addition of depth @ QB in Rodgers.
Though QB Aaron Rodgers hasn’t had any significant playing time in over 2 seasons… it’s GREAT insurance.
The loss of LG Jake Long (probably due to $$$) stings a bit knowing no one close to his level was brought in. Lost some depth @ OLB… nothing overly damaging though. Team will likely hold tight and maintain [10-6].

Rookie to Watch: Love WR Kevin White and feel LG Brian Costa should be fine (left side).

New England Patriots
Acquisitions vs Losses
Thoughts… no worthy additions to discuss and feel the loss of QB Matt Ryan was a BIG negative. Team will fall in the standing as much as 2 games [7-9].
Added veteran RT Russell Okung… steps in for departed Charles Johnson (virtually a wash).
Maybe the biggest loss for any of the teams in the ACF East… QB Matt Ryan (who had his best season as a pro last year) is off to the Philadelphia Eagles (even if Nassib works out, which I think he will, there’s very little depth).

Rookie to Watch: Building a VERY impressive defensive front… LOVE LE Owa Odighizuwa! Also, I feel LT Ereck Flowers is LEGIT and will in place for years to come in New England.

New York Jets
Acquisitions vs Losses
Thoughts… losing a player that was a safe bet to get double digit sacks and hoping a young guy will step in w/o missing a beat is expecting a lot. Team falls in standing, but just 1 game [8-8].
The pick-up of DT Louis Nix (via trade I believe) deserves a nod of praise.
The loss of DE Robert Ayers (10 sacks last season) probably had a lot to do with the almighty dollar and managing to the cap… that and the desire to let the youngster, Ben Powell, get the playing time he seems to deserves.

Rookie to Watch: No doubt CB Marcus Peters finds his way into the Jets starting line-up this year (should be a long standing with the Jets)… growing pains for CB can be rough.
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